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Recognizing that influencing social change takes time, experience, and support, our Global Mentorship Program matches graduates with local and international experts.

During the course of a p.h. balanced films Reel Women Real Change session on gender, film, storytelling, and advocacy, each participant identifies an issue of importance to her that she will advocate to impact. We believe in the women we select for our program, deeply want to see them succeed, and enthusiastically support them beyond their graduation from the program.

Our Global Mentorship Program is a key form of support for our graduates and a rewarding experience for our mentors. Benefits of mentorship include intergenerational and international connections, bringing more women’s voices into the profession, ongoing support throughout the mentorship from p.h. balanced films team, and visibility of your participation.

Our graduates are all women with interest in using film and storytelling as platforms to advocate for social justice and varied levels of experience in doing so.

Our local mentors include leaders familiar with the policy environment relevant to our graduates.

Our international mentors have extensive film and storytelling experience to inform our graduates’ creative approach.

Thank you for your interest in donating your TIME, TALENT, and THOUGHTFUL THINKING to support women change makers.

Completing this form indicates your interest in becoming a mentor but does NOT commit you to mentorship at this time.

Mentor pairings will be made based on the needs of graduates in each session and AFTER confirming your availability.

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Leaders selected from our mentorship pool agree to mentor one graduate for one year on a monthly basis, at minimum.

Your monthly commitment includes one phone call and one email exchange. Your mentee will be expected to coordinate one call with you per month. You will be asked to engage in one email exchange (one question/one response) per month.

You are welcome to engage more frequently with your mentee if you wish, but that is at your discretion.

Before any pairing is made, we confirm with you that you are currently able to make this commitment and provide you with a mentorship agreement to review and sign.
I understand that p.h. balanced films will not pair me with a mentee until I confirm my availability. *
If selected as a mentor, I will commit to supporting my mentee for one year on a monthly basis. *
As our founder is fond of saying, "Humility is overrated." Tell us about the amazing things you've done and learned over the span of your career so that we can match you with someone who would benefit from your wisdom and experience.
What are the proudest moments of your career? (If you're in film, please include how many films you have completed. If in advocacy, tell us about the issues on which you have worked.) *
For film/storytelling mentors ONLY, check all areas where you feel comfortable mentoring. Please mention these in your proudest moments, above.  
For advocacy/political mentors ONLY, check all areas where you feel comfortable mentoring. Please mention these in your proudest moments, above.  
Have you ever held an elected office? *
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We recognize our mentors are busy people. We will coach your mentees to be prepared and make the best use of your time possible.

In return, we ask our mentors to:

- be fully present during your interactions with your mentee in order to recognize and understand the challenges she is facing;

- share your wisdom and guidance as a coach, not director;

- provide regular (quarterly and end-of-year) feedback to p.h. balanced films so that we can make the mentorship experience as positive as possible.
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