Creating Your Retreat at Anahata
Congratulations for creating this special time for yourself! This form will help us to optimize your experience. After we receive this, we will be in touch. To facilitate this, you are welcome to email Ashera at or call her at 571-422-3024 to personally connect and fine tune your experience. Once everything is in place, we will send an invoice, and once we've received a deposit, we'll send a detailed email with an itinerary, what to bring, directions, etc. If you haven't already, you can see and read more about our retreats on our website at:
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Thank you! We will be in touch with any questions, and will customize this retreat for you. Once we have it fine-tuned, we'll generate an invoice and send you a link for payment. We'll share more info, and be on our way! Feel free to leave any other comments here . . . .
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