Salacity Blogger Application
Thank you for your interest in being apart of Salacity's blogger marketing staff. We want you to know that we take pride in building a team of talented photographers/bloggers to promote the Salacity brand and products. Your creativity and time taken in styling our releases, offer our current and potential customers a reason to visit the store. A reason to follow your blog and a reason to purchase merchandise from Salacity with confidence. We consider our bloggers to be important members of our team.

We ask that you honestly consider your current commitments before applying. We respect your availability of time as we want you to respect what is required of you. Below you will find the requirements for each photographer/blogger. If you are able to fulfill the criteria please apply and good luck in potentially joining our marketing team.


- Active bloggers only.

- 6 months blogging experience preferred.

- High-quality pictures; not just casual snaps.

- Event releases are expected to be featured before an event ends.

- You must be able to blog our new releases before month's end.

- You are expected you to blog at least 2 of our products within the specified time period (see above), and preferably more when possible.

- Please keep in mind that this is a job, paid in the form of free copies of products in exchange for your work promoting that merchandise.

- Photos should feature merchandise prominently and with clarity. When products are animated, at least one picture should show the animation in action.

- Be sure to market the brand well; photos and posts that sacrifice merchandise promotion for artistic expression are not appropriate.

- You must post your pictures in our Flickr group:

- If you are on Facebook then you must "like" our Facebook page, post your pictures to Facebook, and tag our page in them. The Salacity Facebook page is:

- If you are accepted, you will be contacted in-world and invited to the group.


All products will be announced in group notices with information provided for event location and/or indication of store release only.

Bloggers report their posts via form, which is maintained and reviewed by our blogger manager. Bloggers who neglect regular posting (without discussing it with the blogger manager) will be removed.

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