Complex and Lore Downtime Form
Downtimes must be submitted 3 weeks before the next event. You must have attended the last event to use a DT.

This form is for submitting your Complex and Lore-based downtime (DT) actions. You can only submit one Complex DT (including Directed Research DTs) per downtime cycle. However, you may submit multiple Basic Lore DTs. Please submit one Complex or Lore Form for each action you are taking.

If you are unsure what your downtime falls under take a look at the Downtime Overview page on the main website. If you are still unsure which to use contact plot staff at

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This is where staff will send any responses or additional questions.
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If you attended the last event, you may file one downtime (either a Simple or Complex, your choice). To file additional downtimes, you need special skills or abilities. Remember, no matter how many DTs you are able to file, you can only ever file one Complex DT per cycle.
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Note: There is a maximum character count of 500 allowed.
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Please detail your downtime action and reference any applicable skills, abilities, influence and lore(s) you wish to use. Note: There is a maximum character count of 1000 allowed.
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Staff Involved:
Indicate any staff members who you believe are relevant to the resolution of this downtime.
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Downtime Modifiers
If you used an item, influence, money or any in-game item that is represented by an item card please indicate it here and turn it in at next game. This doesn't apply to anything such as an artifact power, charm or other special propertied item that does not have a finite amount of uses. Thank you!
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If you used a VP for this downtime enter the amount used.
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Influence Use:
Indicate what type of influence.
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Item Use:
If you happen to use some kind of item such as a talisman, potion, money or other one-shot item please indicate what you used below.
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If you used something that doesn't quite fit in the above you can put it here.
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