Newfoundland and Labrador Parks and Protected Areas Forum 2015
Newfoundland and Labrador has for many years been recognized an exceptional place for wilderness experiences, something that has been valued by our people and attracted visitors from away. Protection of a part of our natural landscapes in the form of national and provincial parks, wilderness reserves, and other protected areas has always been recognized by citizens and governments as essential to our well-being and our economy. In recent years, while we have seen increasing prosperity through resource development, progress in establishing needed new protected areas and adequately maintaining the existing ones has slowed, and some important associated programs have been cut. We believe it is time to renew the dialogue about the importance of our parks and protected areas and the values that they represent, and to find a way forward to maintain our natural heritage for future generations.

CPAWS NL, plans to hold a forum, Newfoundland and Labrador Parks and Protected Areas 2015, in which people from around the province will have the opportunity to discuss current issues and to provide input toward a policy to revitalize our provincial parks and natural areas system. This will be a one-day forum, held in St. John’s with a series of invited speakers and panel presentations, with ample time for discussions. Outcomes will include a report, resolutions, and follow-up for further communication and involvement.

CPAWS NL is looking for your input on interest of attending such a forum, please fill out the below form. Thank you.

Have you visited a provincial, federal or a protected area in the last year and if so which types?
Have you noticed a change in the quality of parks over the past decade?
such as increased use by atv's, destruction of habitat, etc
Do you know what the Natural Areas System Plan or NASP is or heard about it?
Do you know of any areas with NL you think should be protected,which currently is not?
Would you be interested in attending a one day forum to discuss the states of the parks and protected areas in Newfoundland May 13, 2015? *
What topics would you like to see addressed at this workshop?
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Would you be doing this out of personal interest or as a representative of a particular group or organizations?
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