ELTABB Scholarship Application (Lockdown edition)
As you already know, ELTABB has been running a scholarship program for the past two years. This program has made it possible for several members to attend workshops, conferences, and other events with additional financial support (up to €250!). The current situation, however, has made travel an impossibility, not to mention the fact that all large gatherings have been cancelled. Together with the ELTABB Board, we’ve come up with a few alternatives for the scholarship budget. Why not apply TODAY and reap the benefits of:

- A magazine / journal subscription (e.g. Modern English Teacher, OUP ELT Journal)
- A website membership (e.g. One Stop English, ESL Library)
- Membership to another teachers’ association (e.g. IATEFL)
- Textbooks / teacher’s books for your at-home library (e.g. The Business 2.0, Business Partner)
- Reference books, ebooks to brush up on methodology at home (e.g. How to Teach Business English by Evan Frendo or any of the other books in the How to Teach series)

How it works:

- You apply for the amount of supportive funds you need for your materials (maximum 200€).

- Each quarter, all applications received by the deadline will be processed by the scholarship committee. The total available scholarship funds per quarter can be divided between applicants if seen fit by the committee. The applicants awarded scholarships will be informed 3 weeks after the deadline at the latest.

Scholarship Guidelines for Applicants:

In order to apply you must:

- Be an ELTABB member for at least 12 consecutive months by the time of your application

- Be neither a member of the selection committee nor on the current ELTABB board

- Be willing to write a 500-word review of your chosen materials for the ELTABB Journal within 3 months of receiving them

- You may only be awarded one scholarship per year. You may reapply if not awarded.

Deadlines 2020




All scholarship funds must be claimed and paid out in 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Vicky Allan at vickyparysek@gmail.com.
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