The content from this form will be used to build the Mapping Trafficking interactive map with Code for Africa, in partnership with Thomson Reuters Foundation and GIZ. It can be found here:

It aims to give a human face to trafficking through the use of real testimonies. It also provides a resource to people at risk of trafficking/activists/researchers.

It will bring a lot of different narratives/data into one place to tackle the gaps in knowledge around trafficking. As it will be a "living map" it will grow and change with time as knowledge around trafficking grows. Please complete this by the end of September 2018.

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Testimony (500 words) written in first person. Name of survivor (if consent given)/ Current age/ Age and date when trafficked/ Where is s/he from?/ How were they trafficked?/ What was the experience like?/ Did their families report it?/ How did they escape?/ Were police involved?/ Lessons for other potential victims
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Five organisations working on fighting trafficking and/or sexual exploitation in your country. These are resources that may help potential trafficking victims. Please put name, contact info and link.
ADDITIONAL CONTENT eg: photos, videos, audio.
ADDITIONAL COMMENTS/INFO eg: trafficking links to other countries
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