Speaker, Mentor, or Lead Application
Are you interested in becoming a speaker for ILEW2021? You are in the right place!

*If you have previously filled this application, don't worry! We have not selected speakers yet!  We will start reaching out starting in August.

Fill out this application and let us know how you would like to participate and what topics you excel and would like to discuss, if applicable,  during ILEW2021. And feel free to include any questions you might have through the last question. We will be reaching out to you with answers.

Volunteer Options:
-Mentor to groups of 20-30 people.
-Speaker (individual or during the final event. Can be via IG, Zoom, Youtube, etc)
-Workshop lead (in charge or teaching a topic in an interactive manner)

Please keep in mind that we are looking at topics regarding life as women and minorities in STEM.
These topics can include: education, lifestyle, early career, STEMinism and Feminism, etc.

With this application we intend to offer equal opportunities for speakers to join this conference as well as to find all topics relevant to attendees of this event.

Due to the limited amount of spots, filling this application out does not guarantee participation.

We will use this answers to plan an agenda and will reach out with potential dates and times and a list of requirements and responsibilities (responsibilities required for mentors only).

Travel is not required but is an option if you want to participate in any in-person events!

Since we are a non-profit and this is only our second year running this conference, we are not able to cover travel expenses but hope to offer this in the future.

Please only select yes for willing to travel if you are sure you can cover any travel expenses and availability between Oct 11-16th.

 ILEW is 100% free to attend and volunteers like you helps us make this possible!

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