Gammapy 2018 second coding sprint options
We'll have a Gammapy coding sprint in Feb 2018 in Paris soon.

Because there's a lot do, we'd like to do a second Gammapy coding sprint in 2018 before the summer break already, and schedule the time now. It would again be 4 days, starting Monday noon, ending Friday noon.

It will likely be at MPIK Heidelberg, unless someone else wants to host?
If so, please leave a comment below.

If you might be interested, please fill the following preliminary form to find a week that works for many of us.

Based on the feedback, we'll either pick the week directly if there's only one good option, or bring the question up for discussion / decision at the Paris coding sprint.

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Please select all that apply. This is not a sign-up, just an initial poll to find a date for the meeting.
Any comments and/or questions?
You can also leave infos here if some of the weeks above are a "maybe" or "partial availability" for you.
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