Student Development
The Student Development Program focuses on providing undergraduate Bishop Scholars unique learning experiences, assistance integrating to America, and mentorships for their professional and personal lives.

There are 2 specific ways in which you can participate in Student Development. (You are not required to be a Bishop Scholar to participate in these programs)
1. ZOOM Meetings
Our Zoom Meetings attempt to help Junior and Senior students who are considering steps after Southwestern College, whether it be graduate school, medical school, optional practical training (OPT), becoming a US resident, etc. Our video-chat meetings allow students to ask questions and hear from alumni that have already walked this path.

If you wish to be notified of a Zoom Meeting whenever their is a student that can benefit from your expertise, please select that option when completing form.
2. Mentorships
Our Mentorship Program connects alumni with current Bishop Scholars according to their field of study, home country, or common interests. If you become a mentor, you are committing to reaching out to your student two times a semester through email, text, phone call, or in person. You must be responsive and encouraging to the student's questions regarding career exploration, education, or integration to the USA.

If you wish to mentor a student, please select that option when completing form.
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