Facilities Improvements
For each project, please give us your feedback on priority level for each project needed. Priority Level 1 would be a project that you want done right away. Priority Level 2 would be a project that would be done in the near future. Priority Level 3 would be a project that can be done in the future after all Level 1 and 2 projects are complete.
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Renovate and modernize outdated classrooms, restrooms, and school facilities *
Upgrade inadequate electrical systems *
Repair, or replace outdated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning *
Replace outdated and energy-inefficient windows *
Roofing Repairs *
Replace aging/worn floor and ceilings *
Repair and improve telephone and data system infrastructure *
Repave asphalt fire lanes and playground areas *
Replace lunch tables *
Add a project not listed in this survey
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