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If you're not only interested in writing code but in making software from A to Z in general – from designing it to planning a go-to market strategy to coding to working on user acquisition, then Gikken is a perfect place for you! We call ourselves independent all-round makers. If you think that's a good description for you, too, apply now!

We are self-funded which gives us an unmatched freedom in decisions. We make what we think is cool and useful. We don't report to anyone. We are a profitable business. Even though high-paced growth is our priority, we aren't obsessed with it. We want us and our customers to be happy in the first place.

Needless to say, we don't care if you're a man, woman, gay, lesbian, non-binary, asian, black, white, green or yellow, PhD or don't have a CS degree at all. We treat everyone equally well. All we care about is your ability to create stunning software, and an enthusiasm to sell it to millions of people all over the world.

Take a few minutes to apply below. We'll get back to you ASAP. We don't accept resumes, and there's a reason for that.

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What are you good at in software business?
What are your strong points when it comes to making software? Feel free to tell us about anything – technical skills, your talent in acquiring new users, retaining old ones, business development, copywriting, etc. It's a long-text field, so you can even tell us a story!
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What are you bad at in software business?
We wouldn't have been humans if we were good at everything. No one is. Neither us nor (we'll make a bold assumption here) you. What are your weak points when it comes to being in the software business?

Let us start – we suck at paid user acquisition and machine learning.
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What are you up to outside of work?
What do you like doing when not working? For instance, Alex rushes through streets and takes photos of architectural gems or cooks something Asian; Andrew likes all-things DIY.
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What are you proud of?
We're curious to see what have you made. Show us everything you've made and are proud of. It can be anything – from iOS/macOS apps to sites to GitHub repos (if you're into OS, for example) to a Behance portfolio.

We adore things created by small (or even one-person) teams!
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Where do you share your professional opinion?
Is there a place where you share your thoughts? Twitter, Medium, personal blog, LinkedIn, etc?
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What would you like to learn with us?
It's totally OK that you may not know something. We don't know everything, either. Tell us what you think you can learn from us? If there's anything, of course.
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What languages do you speak?
Actual languages like English, Spanish, Japanese, etc. Unless you speak Python with your friends and family, of course! Also, please make it clear which ones are you native/proficient at and which ones you're only learning.
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Why are you making software?
Why did you start creating software in the first place? Did something change over the years – what's your drive today?
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Remote or not?
Where are you currently based? Are you looking to relocate to Berlin, Germany or would you prefer working remotely? It won't affect our decision, we're just curious.
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Where did you hear about this opening?
We're just curious – what medium works the best for scouting amazing folks.
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