Chelsea Yacht Club 2020-2021 Hauling & Storage Contract
This contract and full payment must be received by September 1st. Members not paid in full by September 1st will lose their vested rights to storage space and must go on the waiting list.
Hauling and Storage Agreement
Please pay your invoice for Hauling & Storage fees by the due date on the invoice.

PROOF OF INSURANCE is required to be on file with CYC meeting the requirements of the Policy on Member Boat Insurance.

Please go to for the latest information on CYC insurance requirements

New requests will be based on availability of space.


I agree to abide by the Hauling and Storage Policy and SWPPP Best Management Practices, and to pay all fees when due.

I will have my boat ready for return to the water by the date assigned to me. If not ready, I acknowledge that my boat may be moved and I will be charged a moving fee.

I agree to participate in the process of hauling and storing my boat.

I will maintain insurance coverage during the hauling and storage period as required by the Policy on Member Boat Insurance.

Any infractions of this agreement and/or refusal to abide by the Hauling and Storage Policy, SWPPP Best Management Practices, and/or the directions of the person in charge will subject me to losing hauling and storage privileges. Continued compliance with SWPPP BMP is also a condition of membership.

I further agree that while my boat is being stored on CYC property I will comply with all pollution prevention requirements of the Hauling and Storage Policy and SWPPP Best Management Practices, including that I will not dispose of oil, antifreeze or lead/acid batteries on Club grounds and that I am responsible for any spillage or leakage of same. I also understand that it is mandatory to use a drop cloth or similar material under and around my boat when scraping, sanding, and painting to collect debris, whether toxic or not, so that it does not come into contact with the ground and to dispose of the collected debris properly.

I agree and acknowledge that if my boat is stored for more than four consecutive storage seasons, for example winter-summer-winter-summer or summer-winter-summer-winter, I will be charged a monthly fee equal to the then current winter storage fee plus the then current summer storage fee divided by five.

In the event my boat has not been removed from Club Property in violation of Sections 14, 15 or 16 of the Hauling and Storage Policy, I will be liable to pay to CYC a storage charge of $50.00 per day, payable weekly. Upon my default in payment of such storage charge, all accrued and unpaid storage charges shall constitute a lien against such boat (and any trailer, jackstands or cradle on which the boat may be located) and CYC may detain and withhold possession of such boat (and trailer, jackstands or cradle) from the undersigned until such storage charges have been paid in full. In the event of non-payment of such storage charges, CYC shall have the right, on ten (10) days written notice to the undersigned, to advertise the boat (and any trailer, jackstands or cradle on which the boat may be located) for sale by public auction in the Poughkeepsie Journal or Southern Dutchess News, such auction to be held on a date which is at least ten (10) days from the date of publication. The undersigned designates any duly authorized officer of CYC as the attorney-in-fact to deliver a good and sufficient bill of sale to the purchaser at such auction. The proceeds of sale shall first be applied to the costs and expenses of the sale, then to the unpaid storage charges, and if there is any surplus, such surplus shall be paid over to the undersigned. If there is any deficiency, the undersigned shall be liable to CYC for such deficiency. The provisions of Article 9 of the Lien Law of New York State shall apply to the sale of the boat for the unpaid storage charges, Sections 200 et. seq. of such law. To the extent that the boat is a “motor boat” as defined in Section 100 of the Lien Law, CYC shall further have the benefit of the provisions of Section 184(1) of the Lien Law which grants a lien to a bailee of a “motor boat.”
Price Lists - Prices do not include 8.125 % Tax
H & S per foot w/TL if needed (winter only) $18.00
Haul to or launch from trailer and not stored at club - each way $75.00
Boat not ready to be hauled or launched $50.00
Self-storage per foot (winter only) $9.00
For any questions or requests please email me at
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