itSMF 2021 Global Survey
Dear service management professional,

The aim for this global survey, in line with previous ones, is to be able to assess the state of service management, including the deployment and usage of different frameworks, and expectations regarding future implementations.

This survey is open to all service management professionals. We appreciate your help in filling up this survey, it shouldn’t take you more than 12 to 15 minutes to complete it.

The results will be shared among the global itSMF community.

Respondents, who are consultants, can do multiple submissions (one for each of their client organisations). The deadline for the survey is 31 Dec 2021.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind regards,
The itSMF 2021 Global Survey Team
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1. Which country or region are you working in (in relation to the organisation being reported below)?[If you are a consultant, you can fill in this survey multiple times - one for each different organisation that you have helped] *
2. Select the industry that the organisation (you are reporting on) belongs to: *
3. How many employees does the organisation have? *
4. How many IT Staff in the organisation? *
5. What is your position in the organization? *
6. What is your job title? *
7. Please identify the Top 5 reasons for the Service Management implementation. [1 Most Important --> 5 Less Important]
Comply with business requirements
Follow global standards
Achieve regulatory compliance, or standards certification
Improve quality and efficiency of IT services
Reduce IT costs
Address a specific IT operational issue
Reduce Risk
Achieve competitive edge
Better processes control/documentation
Increase of customer satisfaction
Better employee satisfaction
Don't know
Clear selection
7.1. Any other reason?
8. What challenges have the reported organisation faced in their IT Service Management journey? *
9. How was the last service management project (that you are aware of) justified for this organisation? Please select only the Top 5 [1 Very successful -->5 Failure]
Better control and reporting (metrics)
Business Case- Return of Investment (ROI)
Business/IT Alignment (BITA)
Change/Release Management
Corporate Governance
Corporate Risk Reduction
Cost Saving
Customer Satisfaction
Disaster Management
Failed Audit
Faster Deployment of IT solutions
Need for reliability (problem, availability, capacity)
Service Desk
Service Level Management
Staff productivity
Clear selection
10. Do your organisation intend to implement or to improve any of these areas? *
11. Indicate the status of these IT Service Management practices in the organisation you are reporting on:
In place
In progress
Planned next quarter
Planned next year
No planned
Don't know
Strategy Management for IT Services
Service Portfolio management
Financial Management of IT Services
Demand Management
Business Relationship Management
Design Coordination
Service Catalogue Management
Service Level Management
Availability Management
Capacity Management
IT Service Continuity Management (ITCM)
Information Security Management
Supplier Management
Transition Planning and Support
Change Management
Service Asset and Configuration Management
Release and Deployment Management
Service Validation and Testing
Change Evaluation
Knowledge Management
Event Management
Incident Management
Request Fulfillment
Problem Management
Access Management
7-Step Improvement Process
Asset Management
Experience Management
Clear selection
12. What is the status of the usage of the below Service Management tools?
In place
In progress
Planned next quarter
Planned next year
Not planned
Don't know
Collaborative Working Software
Computer Based Training
Configuration Management
System Discovery
Document Management
Events and Alerts
Service Level Management (SLM)
SLA Dashboard
Service Catalogue
Service Design Package
Workflow Management
Clear selection
13. How important are the following skill-sets/qualifications in the organisation you are reporting on? Please select the Top 5 [1 Most Important -->5 Less Important]
COBIT Qualification
Financial Qualification
ITIL Foundation
ITIL Managing Professional
ITIL Strategic Leader
ITIL Master
ISO/IEC 27001
Project Management (eg. PRINCE2)
Lean/Six Sigma
Business Continuity
Agile Service Management
Clear selection
13.1 Any other skillset/certification that is missing on the previous question?
14. How well did the service management improvement project/programme above deliver in these areas?
As expected
Excellent result
Establish measures and metrics
Improve corporate profitability
Improve business response to economic downturn
Improved governance
Improve service delivery
Improved value to the business
Integrated IT with the business
Reduced risk
Reduced cost of IT services
Clear selection
15. Do you apply DevOps practices while using any IT Service Management Framework?
Clear selection
16. Were adaptions required to fit DevOps practices and culture in IT Service Management? In which practices?