Mizuumicon 11 Vendor/ Artist Table Lottery Registration
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Your full legal name as it appears on your state or school issued ID.
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Please provide a reliable email address where you can be reached. We will never sell your information, or send you marketing data.
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Please provide a reliable phone number where you can be reached. We will not share or sell your information.
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Texas Sales Tax Permit Number *
All Artists and Vendors must have a Texas Sales Tax Permit, and are responsible for reporting their sales and taxes to the State of Texas. All table requests without this information will be ignored. To get one please go to: http://comptroller.texas.gov/taxpermit/
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Table Type *
What type of table do you need? Artist Tables: ($80) If you are selling hand-made goods or other artistic services ONLY! If you buy an Artist table and sell commercial merchandise you will be asked to either put said merchandise away or pay the difference to upgrade to a vendor table. Vendor Tables: ($175) If you are selling retail-based goods or services. Vendors must have a valid copy of their Texas Sales Tax certificate on hand at the convention. If you are found to be selling pirated merchandise or copyrighted art that is not guaranteed under fair-use by Dealer room staff, you will have one chance to put it away; if you continue to do so, you will be asked to leave and forfeit your table.
Have you sold at Mizuumicon in the past? *
If you answered yes to the previous question, what business name/ email did you use?
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How many tables would you like? *
If you need more than 3, choose 3 and we can work with you if you get selected.
Business Information
This is the information that you registered with the comptroller for your tax permit.
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Website or Online Art Portfolio
This is optional, but if you give us a link and you are chosen, we will put you on the website so people will know you are vending at the convention.
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Do you want us to use this information to contact you about other vending events we or other conventions in our network are hosting?
Mizuumicon Table Rules Agreement *
I have read and agree to all of the rules listed at: https://www.mizuumicon.org/vendor-artist/
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