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In 2018, Harvard Business Review released an article titled, "Why Women Volunteer for Tasks That Don't Lead to Promotions" written by three female professors of economics. Their study showed that women are more frequently asked, and more frequently accept, additional tasks that need to be done but otherwise don't have a large, visible impact. Why? Because as women, they were expected to volunteer or say yes when asked. This form of discrimination is commonly known as 'office housekeeping' and it isn't just a problem with corporate America. Women everywhere are asked to do more, for less, oftentimes with the cover of, 'you're better at it'.

To shed a little more light on this issue and how it can affect women graduate students, we would appreciate it if you would complete our short poll and share your stories of 'office housekeeping' with us, from graduate school or otherwise. We plan to post these to our blog/website with suggestions on how to overcome this problem.

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