Job Shadow Student Career Interest Form
To be filled out by the student participating in our Job Shadow program.

Dear Applicant: We are pleased that you have been selected by your school to participate in this session, which will provide you with a week of work experience and career exploration activities. Please fill out the form below to let us know which careers most interest you! We look forward to working with you!
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Are you presently enrolled in a work experience program, or do you work? If yes, please describe.
Do you have any health, dietary, or mobility conditions that require special medication or attention that we should consider when choosing a work site for you? If so please describe.
What is your dream career? Is this the job you would like to job shadow in?
What are some other jobs and careers that interest you? Let us know which ones you would most like to job shadow in.
Describe any experience or skills that relate to your choices.
How do you plan to further your education in these areas after high school?
We're looking forward to this experience in Juneau with you! If you have anything else to add about your upcoming job shadow, please do so here.
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