COVID-19 Impact Survey By St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIA / Old Town Toronto Members
Thank you for taking time to share with us how things have changed for your business due to COVID-19. Your answers will both help the BIA to advocate on behalf of local businesses while also providing us with information/ideas etc. that can be shared.

You DO NOT need to include any personal/business identifying information.

Thank you for being open, honest and for sharing your experience.
What type of business are you? *
Have you found a way to continue to operate your business, serving clients in some fashion? *
Have you had to lay off staff or cancel shifts? *
Overall have you seen an increase or decrease in sales, compared to what you would have experienced during this period in prior years, for similar products and services? *
Up to what percentage have you seen sales/revenue increase or decrease overall, compared to what you would have experienced during this period in prior years, for similar products and services. *
Have you changed your product assortment or services due to COVID-19? *
IF YES - What have you changed about your products/service offering due to COVID-19?
Have you changed how you sell or deliver your product or service due to COVID-19? *
IF YES - How have you changed how you sell/deliver your product/service due to COVID-19?
Has your use of social media, (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc), increased as a way to market your business due COVID-19? *
If so, what is your number #1 tip for other businesses when it comes to using social media right now?
You are not alone. There are thousands of businesses facing the same challenges you are facing. What other things have you tried? What other ideas would you share with other businesses?
Before you press submit below: 2 Reminders
1) Digital Main Street, (created and run by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas), helps main street businesses achieve digital transformation. The (mostly FREE) program is built around an online learning platform, structured training programs and a digital service squad, a team of street-level team members who help main street businesses grow and manage their operations through technology.

2) We continue to update our 'COVID-19 Information & Resources For Businesses' webpage and encourage you to visit it now using the link on the confirmation page of this survey once you press SUBMIT.

Once you press SUBMIT you will find a link with more information about both of these reminders.
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