KRC- New listed coins AIRDROP and Staking KRC
We are happy to announce the details of our trading AIRDROP of NEW LISTED COINS, based on KRC holding positions.

What is KRC:
KRC is Kineticex’s utility token, which will be used in Kineticex ecosystem to pay for services such as asset trading and transactions.
Token Holders will be able to receive NEW LISTED COINS (Friendz, TemboCoin, Lucyd, Exhibit... others on the way) as incentive.
New coins will be announced on our Twitter:

If you buy a minimum of 0.05 eth of any new coin you decided to trade, you will receive an INSTANT airdrop of 10% of that coin. Trade your coins to receive the monthly airdrops (long run airdrops)
Airdrop rules:
It is only a few days left until the first snapshot starts (1st of November) of the NEW LISTED COINS Airdrop, and repeats weekly until November 30th.

This snapshot process will be repeated weekly, and your Airdrop amounts will be calculated based upon the average of your KRC holding positions during that month and the number of completed trades you made for every new listed coin.

Refer to a friend and get 10% of his first deposit, and 5% lifetime.You can find your referral link on -> Partnership -> Text links

How to participate:
Deposit your KRC (minimum 1000 KRC) on your ewallet and hold it. Buy and trade new listed coins (all the pairs are accepted) and you will be airdropped some amount related to the group who you belong to.

There are 5 different groups: Iron, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.
-IRON group will include all the holders who have between 1,000 - 50,000 KRC,
-SILVER between 50.001 - 500.000 KRC,
-GOLD between 500.001 - 1.000.000 KRC,
-PLATINUM between 1.000.001 - 10.000.000 KRC,
-DIAMOND over 10.000.001 KRC.

Depending on the group of holders you belong to, you will be monthly airdroped of a quantity of new coins that you have traded (example: if you have made 5 trades of FDZ, 6 of TMB, 8 of LCD and 7 of EXB this month, you will receive extra coins as 0.3% of your trading amount, of each category for each trade you have done (if you are part of the IRON group). The 0.6% of the trading amount of each category for each trade (if you are part of the SILVER group). The 1,2% of the trading amount of each category for each trade made (if you are part of the GOLD group). The 2,4% of the trading amount of each category for each trade (if you are part of the PLATINUM group). The 4,8% of the trading amount in tokens of each category for each trade (if you are part of the DIAMOND group).

Airdropped NEW LISTED COINS will be distributed 14 business days after calculation of the monthly snapshot.

*Note: The program applies until the specified number of tokens expires.


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