Application form for Delegates to Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine
We are proud to open the Call for Delegates, both Ukrainian and international, to Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine!

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is a unique educational programme which brings together young people from all over Europe to discuss current topics in a parliamentary setting. Last year Regional Sessions chain was held for the first time in Ukraine and we are happy to host another series of Regional Sessions in 2017. We will be welcoming the participants for all over Ukraine. The sessions will take place in the following cities:

#Vinnytsia RS (7-9 of April). The session is presided by Halyna Virt (UA) and accompanied by an outstanding Terje Sõelsepp (EE). The Head-Organiser of the event is Nataly Voitko.

#Odesa RS (21-23 of April). The session is presided by Michaell Ernst (AT) and head-organised by Veronika Zadontseva and Yuliia Zhuravel.

#Kyiv RS (1-3 of May). The session is presided by Samuël Nelemans (DE) and head-organised by Viktoriia Bilenko.

#Expectations towards Delegates
As you can see, the Regional Sessions 2017 will bring together participants from all around Europe. Additionally to the unique international flair, these Regional Sessions are going to stand out with its beautiful venues, one-of-a-kind cultural programme and high academic quality. We are looking for individual Delegates who are willing to try the EYP format, experience intercultural dialogue and parliamentary procedures as well perform and act of European citizenship.

#Programme of the session
For the duration of the session, the participants are divided into international working groups (committees) that draft resolutions on their respective topics. In these groups, the task will be to come up with your own suggestions and ideas for Europe’s most pressing challenges. The results are then presented and debated in a parliamentary assembly at the end of the session ruling the General Assembly. Beside the academic part there will be different evening activities as well as a cultural programme in order to get to know the hosting city.

#About EYP and session concept
The European Youth Parliament offers young people a platform on which to exchange their visions. Our conferences are extended parliamentary simulations including political debates, Europe enthusiastic exchange among young people.
Each conference is made up of Teambuilding, Committee Work and a General Assembly (parliamentary debate). Of course, our conferences also contain a supporting programme including musical entertainment, collective dinners as well as evening dancing.

What makes the EYP so unique is its general approach: rather than “teaching” the young people, EYP gives them as much freedom as they need to work at an EYP session. The students “get to know” rather than learn. They discover and find out.

#Important details
The official language of the event is English. Participants are expected to be present during all programme parts without any exceptions and participants are not allowed to leave the session without a permission of a Head-Organiser. The participation fee for Ukrainian Delegates equals 250 UAH and 20 EUR for international delegates and will cover all sessions-related costs such as accommodation, meals, materials and refreshments. Pease, pay attention to the fact that Ukrainian delegates may aplly for the grant that will cover the participation fee (250 UAH)

Please, note that you are supposed to arrive on the first day of the session at 10:00 EET to the sessions venue with all your needed belonging for the entire period of the session. The session is over when the President of the session officially closes the session which will be on the third day of the session around 19:00 EET. The Delegates are asked to schedule their departures from 19:00 EET onwards on the third day of the respective session.

EYP Ukraine has no tolerance towards alcohol or drugs at the time of the session. If you are 18 and you are allowed to smoke by the law, it is prohibited to smoke in front of underaged participants and at the venue site. We are very serious about these simple rules and any violations lead to prohibition of further participation in the session and any EYP activities.

#Application & Selection Procedure
To apply, please fill in this application form. The deadline for applications is Sunday, 12th of March 2017 23:59 EET. Late applications will not be accepted. The selection panel will consist of the sessions' Head-Organisers, Project Coordinator of EYP Ukraine as well as another Board Member of EYP Ukraine as a silent member (optional). All applicants will be informed about the selection results individually. A selection report will be published once the selection process is concluded.

#Contact Information
Should you want further information on the Regional Sessions of EYP Ukraine 2017, feel free to contact the session Head-Organisers:

# Vinnytsia (7-9 of April) - Nataly Voitko at,
# Odesa (21-23 of April) - Veronika Zadontseva and Yuliia Zhuravel at,
# Kyiv (1-3 of May) - Viktoriia Bilenko at

For questions concerning the application and selection process, please contact EYP Ukraine’s Project Coordinator Tetiana Lavrichenko at

More information about EYP Regional Sessions can be found here and here

The deadline for applications is Sunday, 19th of March 2017 23:59 EET

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