2017 GAIA AgTech Innovation Challenge (Southern & Central Africa)
Thanks for your interest in the GAIA AgTech Innovation Challenge! Please complete this application in its entirety by 16th March 2017. Winners will be announced in March 2017, and will benefit from participation in an intensive, 2-day boot camp, which will culminate in a showcase to potential investors, partners, and other key players in the agriculture sector.

We recommend that you work on the short answer questions offline, and then upload them into this form. Please be sure to keep your answers within the word limit.

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Please share your contact and company details with us.
Full Name
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Company Name
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Title/ Designation
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Phone Number (include country code)
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Email Address
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Website or Facebook Page
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Country of Operations
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At what stage is your company/ Idea?
How long has your company been operational/ have you been working on your innovation?
What were your (approximate) revenues this year?
Have you been incubated previously? If so, with which program?
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If selected for the GAIA AgTech Challenge 2017, you will be invited to attend a boot camp in Lusaka, Zambia. Would you need to secure a visa to Zambia?
Your Innovation
Tell us more about your unique solution and how it uses technology and science to address agri-business challenges.
What area of agribusiness does your innovation focus on?
How does your innovation solve the challenge? (in no more than 200 words)
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Your Impact
Tell us about the impact that your idea will have on the community where you operate.
To what extent does your enterprise benefit groups that are often marginalized in agriculture including women smallholder farmers and other women value chain actors? (in no more than 200 words)
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How many people is your innovation likely to benefit at scale? (in no more than 200 words)
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Which among the following groups constitute your main beneficiaries (both direct customers, value chain actors and producers)
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Your Business Model
Tell us more about your business model, your customers, and how you plan to make money.
What is your core value proposition (how your business model unique)? (in no more than 200 words)
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How many of these beneficiaries will your business engage at scale
Provide an approximate number of people.
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How do you plan on making money from the innovation? (in no more than 200 words)
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Please give a brief description of the short/long term goals of your enterprise in terms of growth, vision, etc. (in 150-200 words)
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Your Team
Tell us about the Team.
How many people are in your team and what is their experience? (in no more than 200 words)
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One last question!
Why should you be selected for the GAIA AgTech Innovation Challenge? (in no more than 200 words)
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If you have any questions, please write to arielle.molino@intellecap.net or AWARDQueries@cgiar.org
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