Rainforest Scorecard Short-Form for the Alberta Rainforest Initiative
This short-form Rainforest scorecard is provided as a tool for dialogue and discussion during the March 7 Rainforest Immersion session and for innovation activities that might follow.
Think of this exercise as: 1) a quick, intuitive assessment of innovation conditions in the Alberta innovation ecosystem, and 2) introductory in nature and intended to prepare for more in-depth and intense conversation and work necessary to improve innovation in Alberta.

FIRST: As you are completing the survey it is important to remember that the survey is about your direct experience of innovation in Alberta. For example, the survey asks your perception regarding “innovation leaders” in Alberta. Your answer would address the leaders you know, in the areas you are familiar with. If for example, you are affiliated with a University, your experience of leadership might be the Board of Regents, government leaders or business leaders directly associated with your University. The same is true with references to “organization.” Simply bear in mind that for every question you are answering from your direct experience, and from your subjective point of view. The questions ultimately concern the entirety of Alberta, but your answers will address your “area of direct experience” in Alberta. Given the nature of this survey it is best to answer quickly, without overthinking the question. This will provide more spontaneous responses (and will help you finish faster!).

SECOND, you’ll note that responses are available in increments of 1. This provides important granularity to the analysis of your groups’ responses. The scores are in drop-down menus, so be sure to note the range of scoring for each section, as it varies from 20, 30, 40, to 50, depending on the assessment section. Be sure to scroll down to the number in the range you want. This is especially important if you want to respond with a high number.

THIRD: Please complete this form in one session as partial data entered will not be saved.

FOURTH: Your name and email will be captured so that a record can be kept of respondents. But note that the results are presented anonymously.

If you have any questions or need assistance with this survey, please contact
Alistair Brett at 202-251-4352 or AlistairBrett@RFS-LLP.com.

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