Student STEM Rubric
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Project Number *
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Abstract *
Abstract is not present.
Abstract is present and contains a summary of the purpose, procedure and conclusion.
Safety Sheet *
Safety Sheet is not present.
Safety sheet is present and all hazards have been identified.
Title Page/Table of Contents *
Neither is present.
Both are present.
Purpose and Hypothesis *
Neither is present.
The problem has been identified and a prediction has been made.
Review of Literature *
Research is irrelevant to the topic and there are not citations.
The Review of Literature is thorough and citations are used.
Materials/Procedure *
Both are missing.
Materials are listed and procedure is easy to follow.
Results *
Results are missing.
Results are organized in tables or graphs that are easy to read.
Conclusion *
Conclusion is missing.
A concise evaluation and interpretation of the data/results. Student refers back to the hypothesis.
Reference List *
Reference list is missing.
Quality and quantity of sources is adequate (at least 10 sources).
Knowledge gained *
. Student demonstrates little or no knowledge or scientific skills gained.
Exhibits a thorough understanding of topic as demonstrated through presentation. Student has acquired scientific skills.
Experimental Approach Variable *
Variables were not controlled.
A single variable was tested for each experimental group. All other variables were controlled or accounted for
Scientific Approach *
Little or no evidence of scientific method used.
Student has a well defined problem and uses a logical, orderly method for solving the problem.
Originality *
No originality or creativity is evident.
. Demonstrates a novel approach/idea. Highly creative.
Presentation *
Information is irrelevant and presentation is unclear.
Clear presentation. Student concisely summarizes the project. Information is relevant and pertinent.
Dynamics *
Student does not make eye contact. Student read from notecards and did not seem interested in their project.
Student speaks fluidly with good eye contact. Student is polite, dynamic and interested in project.
Display Board *
Display is missing pertinent information.
Gives complete explanation of the project. Display includes graphics, charts or pictures.
Artistic Quality of Display Board *
Board was carelessly prepared/sloppy.
Board is neat, organized and appealing.
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