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If you have signed up for a tutorial session when you registered, you can use this form to provide your preferences for each session. Preference will be awarded in the order of time of registration. If you registered early, then you should assume that you will get your first preference in each session. We will update the tutorial programme on the useR! 2018 website if a tutorial fills up. PLEASE USE THE SAME EMAIL THAT YOU USED FOR REGISTERING!
If you were registered in a group, by one person, please provide your email address in this form, and add the email of the person who registered you, that was used in the registration form, in the comment section.
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Tuesday AM
Paula Moraga "Disease risk modeling and visualization using R"
Simon Jackson "Wrangling data in the Tidyverse"
Elizabeth Stark "Production-ready R: Getting started with R and docker"
Scott Came "Applications with R and Docker"
Przemyslaw Biecek "DALEX: Descriptive mAchine Learning EXplanations. Tools for exploration, validation and explanation of complex machine learning models"
Hanjo Odendaal "The ultimate online collection toolbox: Combining RSelenium and Rvest"
Tuesday PM
Thomas Lumley "fasteR: ways to speed up R code"
Heather Turner "Generalized Nonlinear Models using the gnm Package"
Kevin Kuo "Deep learning with TensorFlow and Keras"
Johann Gagnon-Bartsch "Looking to clean your data? Learn how to Remove Unwanted Variation with R"
Stephanie Kovalchik "Statistical Models for Sport in R"
Dale Bryan-Brown "Spatial modelling using ‘raster’ package"
Wednesday AM
Julie Josse "Missing values imputation"
Carson Sievert "Interactive data visualization on the web with R"
Matteo Fasiolo "Quantile Generalized Additive Models: moving beyond Gaussianity"
Maria Prokofieva "Follow Me: Introduction to social media analysis in R"
Tong He "xgboost and MXNet"
Dirk Eddelbuettal "Extending R with C++: Motivation, Introduction and Examples"
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