Coalition to Keep Arizona State Parks Board
I wish to add my name to the list of Arizonans who care deeply about Arizona’s state parks and oppose House Bill 2369 (repeal; state boards and committees). This letter will be forwarded to the Governor and all members of the Senate and the House.

This bill includes a provision to repeal the Arizona State Parks Board. Although there are boards and commissions that are no longer necessary and/or do not meet, the Arizona State Parks Board is not one of them. This is a political move to concentrate more power in the Governor’s office and to eliminate the public from engagement and from having a say relative to our state parks. It is especially offensive in this 60th anniversary year of our State Parks system.

Board of Directors, Arizona Heritage Alliance
Board of Directors, Arizona Preservation Foundation
Sandy Bahr, Chapter Director, Sierra Club (Grand Canyon Chapter) (Phoenix)
Deborah Vath, Tucson Audubon Society (Tucson)
Diane Brossart, President/CEO, Arizona Forward (Scottsdale)
Honorable Kate Brophy McGee (LD 28, Phoenix)
Albert Lannon, Avra Valley Coalition (Pima County)
Ann-Mary Lutzick, Snowdrift Art Space (Winslow)
Anna Rose Mohr-Almeida, Kids Climate Action Network (Mesa)
Art White, Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists, (Catalina)
Ashley Harder, Harder Development (Phoenix)
Auriane Koster, Environmental Literacy Strategy Working Group (Tempe)
Barbara M. Cain, Sierra Club, Sky Island Alliance, Center for Biological Diversity, Tucson Audubon (Tucson)
Barbra Barnes, Director, Arizona Heritage Alliance (Phoenix)
Bernie Stalmann, Arizona Trail Association (Sierra Vista)
Bev Showalter, County Line Riders of Catalina, Inc. (Catalina)
Bob Cook, Arizona Archaeological Council (Scottsdale)
Bob Effertz, Volunteer, Catalina State Park, (Tucson)
Bob Sherman, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Oracle)
Bob West, Desert Mountain Paddlers (Mesa)
Bob White, Director, Arizona Heritage Alliance (Mesa)
Carol Christ, Sierra Club (Green Valley)
Carolyn Campbell, Executive Director, Coalition for Sonoran Desert Protection (Tucson)
Cary Meister, Yuma Audubon Society (Yuma)
Charlene Giles, City of Globe Council (Globe)
China Cabinet Ranch (Tucson)
Christine Lange, Desert Archaeology, Inc. (Tucson)
Clare White, Volunteer at Kartchner Caverns (Tucson)
Cody Martin, Oro Valley High School Mountain Bike Club (Oro Valley)
Cynthia Pruett, Tucson Audubon Society (Marana)
Dan Levendowski, Member of LOST Trail (Superior)
David Babcock, Arizona Trail Association (Tempe)
David M. Newlin, Little Colorado River Plateau RC&D (Holbrook)
David Slagle, Sonoran Desert Mountain Bicyclists (Tucson)
Dawn Kimsey, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Prescott)
Devin Rankin, AZ LGBT Outdoor Adventures (Phoenix)
Diana Rhoades, Friends of A Mountain (Tucson)
Don Steuter, Sierra Club (Phoenix)
Donna Benge, Southwest Archaeology Team, Inc. (Mesa)
Dorothy Inman, White Mountain Audubon, TRACKS (Pine)
Dr. Jack Tuber, Sierra Club (Paradise Valley)
Eddie Jones, Jones Studio Architects (Phoenix/Tempe)
Eileen Chalfoun, Arizona Archaeology Association (Prescott)
Eric Rulancich, Pika Consulting LLC (Tucson)
Erin Kirkpatrick, The Learning Patch at Broadmor (Tempe)
Evelyn Billo, Northern Chapter Arizona Archaeological Society (Flagstaff)
Gail Morris, Southwest Monarch Study (Chandler)
Gary Beverly, Sierra Club, (Yavapai County/Chino Valley)
Gary Grief, Taos Archaeological Society (Taos, NM)
Gayle Hartmann, Save the Scenic Santa Ritas (Tucson)
Gene Rohn, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Lake Havasu City)
Georgia Burton, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Prescott Valley)
Ginny Dickey, Former Councilwoman (Fountain Hills)
Glenda Simmons, Arizona Archaeological Society (Phoenix)
Gregory Shinsky, Save The Scenic Santa Ritas (Vail)
Hartley Anderson, Arizona State Parks Site Steward & Arizona Archaeology Society (Snowflake)
Henry Wallace, Desert Archaeology, Inc. (Tucson)
Howard L Johnson, Sierra Club (Mesa)
Ignacio, El Grupo Youth Cycling (Tucson)
J.J. Lamb, Vail Preservation Society (Vail)
James DiDomenico, Southern AZ Mountain Bike Association (Tucson)
James Schenck, Magma Dorada LLC (Superior)
James Snitzer, TRACKS volunteer (Lakeside)
Jamie Wolgast, Indivisible Lower San Pedro Steering Committee (Winkelman)
Janet Witzeman, Maricopa Audubon Society (Phoenix)
Janie Trafton, Patagonia Regional Times (Patagonia)
Jason Priest, Pima Trails (Tucson)
Jennifer Anderson, Arizona State Parks Site Steward, Regional Coordinator (Lake Havasu City)
Jennifer Jermaine, Stronger Together AZ (Chandler)
Jessie Zugerman, Tucson Hop Shop (Tucson)
Jon Hanna, Arizona Chapter of the Wildlife Society (Mesa)
Joyce South, Historic Preservation Commission (Casa Grande)
Judy Stoycheff, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Prescott)
June Chow-yne, Tucson Saddle Club (Tucson)
Karen Fogas, Tucson Audubon Society (Tucson)
Katie Brown, Member of Tucson Audubon Society (Tucson)
Kathy Ann Walsh, Great Old Broads for Wilderness-Phoenix (Scottsdale)
Kay Lauster, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Chino Valley)
Keith Bagwell, Sierra Club Grand Canyon Chapter (Tucson)
Kent A. Taylor, Arizona Heritage Alliance (Casa Grande)
Kent Ennis, CFA, Deputy Director, Arizona State Parks Ret. (Tempe)
Kimberlyn Drew, Board Member, Tucson Audubon Society (Tucson)
Larry Weigel, Director, Arizona Heritage Alliance (Tucson)
Lani Lockwood, SHPO Tucson Region Site Steward (Seward, Alaska)
Laura Montenegro, Tucson Saddle Club (Tucson)
Laurel Kimball, Greenleaf Group (Phoenix)
Laurens Halsey, Tucson Audubon Society, Board Member (Green Valley)
Lee Blackwell, Sonoran Desert Mountain Bike Association (Tubac)
LeeAnn Wehr, Sierra Club (Tumacacori)
Lila Elam, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Wickenburg)
Linda Rohn, Arizona State Parks Site Steward, Regional Coordinator, Region 22 (Lake Havasu City)
Linda Rominger, Ahwatukee Community Garden Project (Phoenix)
Linda Schuster, Little Colorado River Chapter of Arizona Archaeological Society (Springerville-Eagar)
Lucy Magruder, Tubac Presidio Historic State Park and Museum (Tubac)
M Reed, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Payson)
Margaret Bohannan, ArizonaHeritage Alliance (Scottsdale)
Margaret White, Riordan Mansion Volunteer (Flagstaff)
Marge Jantz, Historic Preservation Commission (Casa Grande)
Mark Coryell, Sierra Club (Ahwatukee)
Mark Hayduke Grenard, Sierra Club (Grand Canyon Chapter) (Phoenix)
Mary Caldwell, Tucson Audubon Society (Chandler)
Mary K. Wright, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Peoria)
Meg Weesner, Sierra Club - Rincon Group (Southern Arizona)
Merrilee Kinney, Member of LOST Trail (Superior)
Michael Millet, ATA (Tucson)
Mila Lira, Legends of Superior Trails (Superior)
Nancy Buell, Sierra Club (Tempe)
Norberto J. (Bert) Castro, Arizona Center for Nature Conservation/Phoenix Zoo (Phoenix)
Norman Johnson, Agave House Chapter AZ Archaeological Society (Overgaard)
Philip Reina, Reina Design Studio (Phoenix)
Phyllis Hughes, Former Parks Board Ass't Atty Gen Rep. (Phoenix)
Phyllis Ralley, Arizona Trail Association (Phoenix)
Robert Brullo, DM Hikers (Marana)
Rev. Doug Bland, Arizona Interfaith Power & Light (Tempe)
Robert Moore, Access Geographic, LLC
Ron Pies, Past Chair, Arizona State Parks Board (Tempe)
Russ Jones, RL Jones Customs Brokers (Yuma)
Sally Dunford, Equestrian Club Member (Tucson)
Sally Rings, Interfaith Power & Light (Phoenix)
Shelley Rasmussen, Arizona State Parks Site Steward Regional Coordinator-Hassayampa (Wickenburg)
Sheri Anderson, Arizona State Parks Site Steward and Arizona Archaeology Society (Snowflake)
Sue Clark, Pima Trails Association (Tucson)
Scott Jones, Arizona Conservation Partners (Phoenix)
Susan Williams, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Payson)
Tim Wernette, Sierra Club, Audubon Society, Sky Island Association (Tucson)
Tina Christianson, Arizona Trail Association member (Tucson)
Tory Syracuse, Friends of Flagstaff's Future (Flagstaff)
Virginia Harris, Scottsdale Parks & Recreation Commission member (Scottsdale)
Wendy Lotze, Arizona Trail Association (Tucson)
Wendy Russell, Patagonia Area Resource Alliance (Patagonia)
William C. Thornton, Board Member, Friends of Ironwood Forest National Monument (Tucson)
William Doelle, Archaeology Southwest (Tucson)
Vivian Firlein, Arizona State Parks Site Steward (Page)
Yvonne Stag, County Line Riders Association (Tucson)

A.J. Flick (Tucson)
Aaron Wood (Phoenix)
Abby Marier (Oro Valley)
Adrienne McLeod (Tucson)
Aiko Stevenson (Tucson)
Aimee Arnold (Palominas)
Aimee Manis (Mesa)
Aimee Williams (Gilbert)
AJ Tauber (Tucson)
Al Stockman (Glendale)
Alan Schroeder (Tucson)
Alan Walker (Tucson)
Alec Bracken (Gilbert)
Alejandro Gonzalez (Tucson)
Alex Brummer (Tucson)
Alex Cording (Phoenix)
Alexandra Escobar (Phoenix)
Alexia Bednarz (Phoenix)
Alexis Simontacchi (Tempe)
Alice Griffin (Tucson)
Alice Gustafson (Glenwood Springs, CO)
Alicia Klassen (Tempe)
Alicyn Gitlin (Flagstaff)
Alika Victor (Tempe)
Alisa Gray (Phoenix)
Alisa McMahon (Scottsdale)
Alissa Hinckley (Mesa)
Allegra Mount (Patagonia)
Allison Anderson (Phoenix)
Allyson Baehr (Tucson)
Amanda Kapp (Flagstaff)
Amanda Weinberg (Phoenix)
Amber Johnson (Phoenix)
Ambika Balasubramaniyan (Chandler)
Amelia Ross (Fountain Hills)
Amy Douglass (Chandler)
Amy Hammond (Scottsdale)
Amy Hoffman (Mesa)
Amy Leeson (Phoenix)
Andre Rosalik (Tucson)
Andrew Thain (Gilbert)
Andrew Wolf (Tucson)
Angela LeFevre (Sedona)
Angela Miller (San Tan Valley)
Angela Phillips (Tempe)
Angela Watson (Tucson)
Anissa Storie Hart (Phoenix)
Anita Goss (Cottonwood)
Anita MacFarlane (Sedona)
Ann Gonzalez (Tucson)
Ann Hutchinson (New River)
Ann Marie Ranalli (Tucson)
Ann McDermott (Litchfield Park)
Ann Richards (Tucson)
Ann Stewart (Durango, CO)
Ann Wallack (Phoenix)
Anna Arnold (Cave Creek)
Anna Rago (Chandler)
Anna Tyler (Tucson)
Anne Carl (Bisbee)
Anne Harman (Tucson)
Anne Hart (Flagstaff)
Anne Hinnendael (Portal)
Anne Pogue (Scottsdale)
Anne Reichman (Mesa)
Anne Townsend (Patagonia)
Anne Vogel (Flagstaff)
Anne Zell (Phoenix)
Annie Houser (Phoenix)
Annie McGreevy (Sonoita)
Ariel LeBarron (Tempe)
Art Matthias (Flagstaff)
Arturo Codina (Gilbert)
Ashley Camhi (Tempe)
Ashley D'Elia (Tucson)
Ashly Emerson (Mesa)
Ashlye Kennedy (Scottsdale)
Aubry Hemingway (Tucson)
Augusta Davis (Tucson)
Aviva Tirosh (Tucson)
Bahney Dedolph (Phoenix)
Barbara Acker (Mesa)
Barbara Allen (Marana)
Barbara Buesing (Green Valley)
Barbara Burghart (Bridgeport, CT)
Barbara Gronemann (Scottsdale)
Barbara Hollway (Scottsdale)
Barbara K. Montgomery, Ph.D. (Tucson)
Barbara Kelly (Tucson)
Barbara Krajewski (Phoenix )
Barbara Larson (Phoenix)
Barbara McNally (Tempe)
Barbara Miller (Portal)
Barbara Rose (Tucson)
Barbara Sherman (Tempe)
Barbara Welch (Phoenix)
Beatriz Kravetz (Phoenix)
Beatriz Urrea (Tucson)
Belinda Jordan (Tucson)
Ben Jensen (Prescott)
Bernita Pies (Tempe)
Beth Alpert Nakhai (Tucson)
Beth Brezinski (Scottsdale)
Beth Hensel (Phoenix)
Beth Lucas (Tucson)
Beth Seldin (Paradise Valley)
Beth Woodin (Tucson)
Betsy Hall (Green Valley)
Betsy Wirt  (Tucson)
Bettina Bickel (Glendale)
Betty Bengtson (Tucson)
Betty Gregg (Yarnell)
Betty Hartzler (Tucson)
Betty King (Tucson)
Betty Pope (Ajo)
Betty Villegas
Bev Kennedy (Prescott)
Beverly Graves (Phoenix)
Beverly Malmberg (Payson)
Bianca Jimenez (Phoenix)
Bill Adamson (Green Valley)
Bill Cheney (Tucson)
Birgit Loewenstein (Sedona)
Blair McLaughlin (Scottsdale)
Bob Bauman (Tucson)
Bob J. McLendon (Yuma)
Bonnie Angelie (Tucson)
Brad Hartman (Phoenix)
Bradley Cunningham (Picture Rocks)
Brenda Kazen (Tucson)
Brenda McLain (Tucson)
Brenda Nelson (Peoria)
Brian Carstensen (Tucson)
Brian Jones (Tucson)
Bridget Augustine (Phoenix)
Bridget Bell (Phoenix)
Bridgett Sechrest (Phoenix)
Brit Rosso (Vail)
Bruce Guercio (Tucson)
Bruce Johnson (Tucson)
Bruce Meister (Chandler)
Bruce Moehlman (Tucson)
Bryan Reid (Sierra Vista)
Bryan Seaman (Chandler)
Bryon Lichtenhan (Tucson)
C. Gene McCormick (Tucson)
Cady (Tempe)
Caitlyn Hollins (Mesa)
Callie Jordan (Tucson)
Cameron Adler (Phoenix)
Camilla Frimann-Dahl (Scottsdale)
Cansada Martin (Tucson)
Carianne Campbell (Tucson)
Carl Russell (Tucson)
Carl Tomoff (Prescott)
Carla Pothier (Tucson)
Carly Rebuck (Phoenix)
Carol Barbanell (Phoenix)
Carol Borges (Tucson)
Carol Comeau (Portal)
Carol Cooper (Mesa)
Carol Farnsworth (Eagar)
Carol Gibson (Phoenix)
Carol Helle (Tucson)
Carol Keck (Tucson)
Carol Khazai (Phoenix)
Carol Lamond-Walker (Phoenix)
Carol Masuda (Evanston)
Carol Shinsky (Vail)
Carol Sletten (Pinetop)
Carol Tepper (Tucson)
Carole Simmons (Gilbert)
Carole Whipple (Coolidge)
Carolee Jackson (Mesa)
Caroline Cook (Sandpoint, ID)
Caroline Salcido (Tucson)
Carolyn M. Cruz (Sierra Vista)
Carolyn Merkle (Tucson)
Carolyn Mohr (Mesa)
Carrie Darling (Phoenix)
Carrie Lifshitz (Phoenix)
Carrie Thorvardson (Chandler)
Catherine McClarin (Phoenix)
Catherine Peralta (Sun City West)
Catherine Williams (Tucson)
Cathleen Bohnlein (Buckeye)
Cathryn Swann (Cornville)
Cathy Adam (Florence)
Cathy Della Penta (Tucson)
Cathy Smith (Quartzsite)
Cedra Spragett (Cottonwood)  
Chana Gray (Eagar)
Char Hoffman (Apache Junction)
Charles Cook, (Tucson)
Charles Miles (Tucson)
Charlie Schlingre (Flagstaff)
Cherilyn Walley (Phoenix)
Cheryl A. Cappo (Gilbert)
Cheryl McGregor (Phoenix)
Cheryl Purvis (Tucson)
Cheryl Sarno (Hotevilla)
Chris Garraty (Tempe)
Chris Harbin (Grand Canyon Village)
Chris Timmermann (Tucson)
Chrisal Valencia (Phoenix)
Christina McVie (Tucson)
Christine Blair (Oro valley)
Christine Dayton (Oro Valley)
Christine Jeffrey (Tucson)
Christine St. Onge (Oro Valley)
Christine Tetzloff (Pine)
Christine Updegraff (Oracle)
Christine Volz (Gilbert)
Claire Hendrickson (Tucson)
Clara Davis (San Tan Valley)
Clinton Jokerst (Scottsdale)
Connie Agkione (Green Valley)
Connie Clark (Tucson)
Connie Long (Superior)
Constance Campbell Henry (Anthem)
Cornelia Bayley (Green Valley)
Courtney Ragan (Tucson)
Craig Civalier (Tucson)
Craig Dabler (Tucson)
Craig Liesegang (Tucson)
Cristina de Isasi (Phoenix)
Crystal Dillahunty (Tucson)
Cynthia Bittick (Phoenix)
Cynthia Harbottle (Scottsdale)
Cynthia Hicks (Phoenix)
Cynthia R Holt (Phoenix)
Cynthia Ross (Fountain Hills)
Cynthia Sidrane (Phoenix)
Cynthia Wicker (Oro Valley)
Dale Volz (Gilbert)
Damion Alexander (Tucson)
Dan Crowley (Gilbert)
Dan Oved (Tucson)
Dana Warnecke (Apache Junction)
Daniel Sayre (Mesa)
Daniel Stormont (Tucson)
Daniel Tomich (Peoria)
Dari Duval (Tucson)
Darlene L. Brinkerhoff (Holbrook)
Dave Dieterich (Phoenix)
David Bartlett (Tucson)
David Butler (Superior)
David Christiana (Tucson)
David Lane (Phoenix)
David Nelson (Tucson)
David Portillo (Phoenix)
David Ross (Tucson)
David Salge (Snowflake)
David Sewell (Crozet, VA)
David Turbyne (Tucson)
David Wrench (Tucson)
Dawn Dyer (Flagstaff)
Dawn Trapp (Williams)
Dean Krupa (Chandler)
Deb Sparrow (Tempe)
Debbie Chavanelle
Debbie Reichow (Scottsdale)
Debbie Thorman (Peoria)
Deborah Kaechele (Tucson)
Debra McAninch (Prescott)
Debra Strange (Phoenix)
Delon Washo-Krupps (Phoenix)
Delon Workman (Tucson)
Demetra Presley
Denise Alvarez (Scottsdale)
Denise Romesburg (Phoenix)
Denise Ryan (Payson)
Dennis Coon, Ph.D. (Tucson)
Dennis Phelan
Deron Beal (Tucson)
Devin Duval (Tucson)
DH Ravenscraft (Wickenburg)
Diana Hadley (Tucson)
Diana Kaminski (Scottsdale)
Diana Stuart (Morristown)
Diane Hall (Tucson)
Diane Merrick (Tucson)
Diane Scott (Payson)
Diane Steele (Payson)
Diane W. Davidson (Portal)
Dianne Post (Phoenix)
Dick Krueger (Tucson)
Dinah Bear (Tucson)
Dolan Ellis (Scottsdale)
Dolores J. Varga (San Tan Valley)
Dominic LaRoche (Tucson)
Dominika Heusinkveld (Tucson)
Don Bentley (Phoenix)
Don Broomall (Marana)
Don Cook (Lake Havasu City)
Don Jones (Tucson)
Don Steuter (Phoenix)
Don Wenig (Patagonia)
Donald Dadey (Scottsdale)
Donald Marier (Oro Valley)
Donna Boe (Sierra Vista)
Donna Cassano (Flagstaff)
Donna Featherston (Phoenix)
Donna Murphy (Scottsdale)
Donna Reiner (Phoenix)
Donna Schell (Scottsdale)
Doris Wenig (Patagonia)
Dorothy Alison Chandler (Phoenix)
Dorothy Jokerst (Scottsdale)
Dorothy Montgomery (Oro Valley)
Dorothy Rissel (Flagstaff)
Doug Higgins (Oro Valley)
Doug Rautenkranz (Tucson)
Douglas Danforth (Bisbee)
Douglas Flatley (Phoenix)
Douglas Schnare (Ajo)
Dr Steve Serlin (Phoenix)
Dr. Edward Perry (Sedona)
Dr. Tamera Zivic (Phoenix)
Dru Bacon (Goodyear)
Dulce J (Phoenix)
Dyane Welt (Phoenix)
E. William Gates (Tucson)
Edward Piwowska (Los Angeles, CA)
Elaina O'Grady (Phoenix)
Elaine Finner (Taylor)
Elaine Zamora (Williams)
Elea Ziegelbaum (Flagstaff)
Eli Cohen (Flagstaff)
Eli Harold (Casa Grande)
Elizabeth (Libby) Goff (Phoenix)
Elizabeth Bernays (Tucson)
Elizabeth Butler (Apache Junction)
Elizabeth Cottle (Prescott)
Elizabeth Farkas (Tucson)
Elizabeth Gricus (Tucson)
Elizabeth Kane (Catalina)
Elizabeth Mendoza (Phoenix)
Elizabeth Schauer (Tucson)
Elizabeth Venable (Phoenix)
Elizabeth Venturo (Peoria)
Ellen Bilbrey (Phoenix)
Ellen Garms (Tucson)
Elna Otter (Benson)
Elsa Swyers (Tucson)
Emilia Hoyos (Tucson)
Emily Alexander (Phoenix)
Emily Clinton (Phoenix)
Eniko Lajos (Phoenix)
Eric Hough (Kansas City, MO; formerly Heber)
Eric Spragett (Cottonwood)
Eric Taylor (Tucson)
Erika Mitnik-White (Tucson)
Erin Deely (Tucson)
Erin Edwards (Tucson)
Erin Kirkpatrick (Tempe)
Erin McCarthy (Phoenix)
Erin Reed (Mesa)
Erin Sol (Tucson)
Evan Pilling (Tucson)
Farzad Nakhai (Tucson)
Florence Blay (Cornville)
Florence McGinn (Tucson)
Frances Howard (Phoenix)
Francis Willy (Phoenix)
Frank B. Walsh (Tucson)
Frank Pitts (Oro Valley)
Frank Walsh (Tucson)
Franny Sharpe (Phoenix)
Fred Dawson (Cranston, RI)
Fred Fiastro (Tucson)
Fred Gaudet (Apache Junction)
Fredrick Pearson (Tucson)
Gabrielle Pietrangelo (Tucson)
Gail Bliss (Phoenix)
Gail Colburn (Scottsdale)
Gail Sikes (Scottsdale)
Gary McGinnis (Tucson)
Gayle Jandrey (Tucson)
Genevieve Perkins (Flagstaff)
George Cottay (Green Valley)
George F. Herget Jr. (Tucson)
George Gresham (Phoenix)
Gerry Wolfe (Rio Rico)
Ginger Cullen (Tucson)
Ginger Hamp (Mesa)
Ginny Culp (Tucson)
Ginny Dotson (Show Low)
Gloria Krys (Tucson)
Gloria Olsen (Phoenix)
Graeme Hunt (Tucson)
Greg Goodrum (Tucson)
Greg Kesselring (Tucson)
Greg Lesoine (Moab, UT)
Gregory C. Shinsky (Vail)
Gregory Penniston (Tucson)
Greta Rayle (Phoenix)
Guy Scharf (Tucson)
Gwen Waring (Flagstaff)
Hal Robson (Oro Valley)
Haley Green (Prescott)
Hamish M. Hall (Tucson)
Harald Ebeling (Honolulu)
Harry Lumley (Carefree)
Heather Jahr (Phoenix)
Heather Paff (Phoenix)
Heather Solomon (Queen Creek)
Helen Erickson (Tucson)
Helen Gardner (Tucson)
Helen Gex Greer (Tucson)
Helen Howard (Bullhead City)
Helen Jones (Phoenix)
Helene Tack (Scottsdale)
Hershall Kaufman (Tucson)
Holly Finstrom (Tucson)
Holly Sweeney (Tucson)
Homer Neuen (Payson)
Howard Rinehart (Gold Canyon)
Hubert Martin (Tucson)
Hugo H. Soll, Ph.D. (Scottsdale)
Igor Barash (Phoenix)
India Aubry (Patagonia)
Inez huerta (Tucson)
Inger LeGrande (Payson)
Irene Komadina (Scottsdale)
Irene Pang (Tucson)
Irene Zappia (Tucson)
Jack Follett (Tempe)
Jack Herring (Vail)
Jackee Chandler (Litchfield Park)
Jacqueline Kurth (Phoenix)
Jaime Calvao (Tucson)
Jake Baechle (Tucson)
James Callegary (Tucson)
James Cloud (Tucson)
James Gardner (Prescott)
James Hasapis (Flagstaff)
James Hilbert (Oro Valley)
James M. Kurtis (Marana)
James Mathien (Phoenix)
James Schutkowski (San Tan Valley)
James Terlep (Tucson)
James Walsh (Oracle)
Jamie Hugfer (Chandler)
Jan Balsom (Grand Canyon)
Jan Bell (Tucson)
Jan Trumbo (Tucson)
Jane Lutz (Oro Valley)
Jane McNamara (Phoenix)
Jane Myerson (Oro Valley)
Janet Brown (Sedona)
Janet Dempsey (Phoenix)
Janet Marcus (Tucson)
Janice Klein (Tempe)
Janice Miano (Phoenix)
Janice Sandoz (Anthem)
Janie Ohl (Phoenix)
Janine Walter (Tucson)
Jared Goodroad (New River)
Jason Cleghorn (Phoenix)
Jason SanMarco (Gilbert)
Jay Holt (Flagstaff)
Jay Liggett (Tucson)
JB DeWitt (Flagstaff)
Jean Clark (Tucson)
Jean de Jong (Tucson)
Jean Herbert (Phoenix)
Jean Rios (Tucson)
Jean Rubano
Jeanie Schulz (Phoenix)
Jeanne Devine (Tempe)
Jeanne Hallquist (Prescott Valley)
Jeanne Williams (Portal)
Jeannette Hanby (Tucson)
Jeff Burgess (Tucson)
Jeff Spellman (Phoenix)
Jeff Ziemski (Rio Verde)
Jeffrey Cinnamond (Tuscon)
Jeffrey Smith (Tucson)
Jenise Porter (Tucson)
Jennifer D'Ambrosia (Phoenix)
Jennifer Hanley (Flagstaff)
Jennifer Jermaine (Chandler)
Jennifer Klemmetson (Tempe)
Jennifer Levstik (Tucson)
Jennifer Walsh (Tucson)
Jennifer White (Phoenix)
Jennifer Whitehead (Phoenix)
Jenny Davey, (Phoenix)
Jenny Roberts (Carefree)
Jeremia  Sunfellow (Camp Verde)
Jeremy Werner (Tucson)
Jerome Roth (Tempe)
Jerry Anderson (Tucson)
Jerry Nelson (Phoenix)
Jerry Quesnel (Tucson)
Jerry Ufnal (Phoenix)
Jessica Moreno (Tucson)
Jessica W. Barranco (Paradise Valley)
Jewel Touchin (Tempe)
Jill Bernstein (Phoenix)
Jill Newby (Tucson)
Jim  Warnecke (Apache Junction)
Jim & Karen Carson (Tucson)
Jim Chumbley (Tubac)
Jim Derrig (Glendale)
Jim Levy (Tucson)
Jim Littlejohn (Oro Valley)
Jim McPherson (Benson)
Jim McPherson (Phoenix)
Jim O'Connor (Tucson)
Jim Vieregg (Oro Valley)
Jim Warnecke (Apache Junction)
Jo Ostgarden (Tucson)
Joan Backman (Pine)
Joan Batchelor (Mesa)
Joan Hoff (Phoenix)
JoAnn Besich (Superior)
JoAnn Bierman (Tucson)
Joann Evans (Burlington, IA)
Joanne Durham
Joanne Holmes (Tucson)
Jobie Gross (Marana)
Jocelyn Gibbon (Flagstaff)
Jodey Elsner (Phoenix)
Jodi Wick (Phoenix)
Joe Plassmann (Tucson)
Johanna Kaufman (Goodyear)
John Alcock (Tempe)
John Almeida (Mesa)
John Beilmann (Peoria)
John Chambers (Tucson)
John Deltognoarmanasco (Queen Creek)
John Dodson (Flagstaff)
John E. Wallace (Tucson)
John Evert (Oro Valley)
John Feeney (Boulder, CO)
John G. Higgins (Tucson)
John H Erickson (Tucson)
John Larsen (Show Low)
John McFarland (Fort Mohave)
John Newman (Tucson)
John Nichols (Scottsdale)
John Rihs (Eagar)
John Rodger (Camp Verde)
John Rooney
John Turner (Flagstaff)
John Ulreich (Tucson)
John W Smith (Scottsdale)
John Walker (Tucson)
Jon Froke (Glendale)
Jon Patrick Delany (Glendale)
Jonathan Staley (Tucson)
Jordan Redfield (Gilbert)
Jose Gastelum (Tucson)
Joshua Aragon (Phoenix)
Joshua Klemmetson (Tempe)
Joy Mendez (Portal)
Joyce Moore (Sierra Vista)
joyce Scully (Oro Valley)
Joyce Stoffers (Sun City)
Judi Buff, (Desert Hills)
Judith Ahlberg (Mesa)
Judith Clark (Glendale)
Judith Ellwanger (Tucson)
Judith Klein (Tucson)
Judith LeClair (Green Valley)
Judith Meyer (Tucson)
Judith Norman (Phoenix)
Judith Schneider
Judith Simons (Chandler)
Judith Temple (Tucson)
Judith Ulreich (Tucson)
Judy Flanagan (Phoenix)
Judy Gillies (Tucson)
Judy Guilds (Phoenix)
Judy Karnia (Scottsdale)
Judy Schwiebert (Phoenix)
Judy Willoughby (Green Valley)
Julia Rowe (Tucson)
Julia Sittig (Tucson)
Julian Donahue (Tucson)
Julianne Mate (Phoenix)
Julie Munoz (Tucson)
Julie Myrick (Phoenix)
Julie Ragland, (Tucson)
Julie Rogers (Tucson)
Julie Smith (Flagstaff)
Juliet Gustavson (Surprise)
Juliet Stromberg (Phoenix)
Justin Inglis (Flagstaff)
Justin Schmidt (Tucson)
Kaitlyn Redfield-Ortiz (Gilbert)
Kalyanraman Bharathan (Tucson)
Kara Kelty (Flagstaff)
Karen Ames (Tucson)
Karen Baroni (Buckeye)
Karen Bartos (Tucson)
Karen Christian (Vail)
Karen Clevenger (Florence)
Karen Dawson (Cranston, RI)
Karen Fasimpaur (Portal)
Karen Gresham (Phoenix)
Karen Keller (Sedona)
Karen McClelland (Sedona)
Karen Michael (Phoenix)
Karen.Couch-Murphy (Tucson)
Karin Cather (Scottsdale)
Kate D'Addamio (Tucson)
Kate OHara (Mesa)
Kate Randall (Tucson)
Kate Van Roekel (Tucson)
Katharine Jacobs (Tucson)
Katharine Olmstead (Tucson)
Kathe Anderson (Scottsdale)
Katherine Ames (Phoenix)
Katherine Mareck
Katherine Updegraff (Oracle)
Kathi Noaker (Patagonia)
Kathie (Tucson)
Kathleen Cheatham (Laveen)
Kathleen Frankel (Phoenix)
Kathleen Guillen (Apache Junction)
Kathleen Kennedy (Flagstaff)
Kathleen Noble (Phoenix)
Kathleen Rahn (Mesa)
Kathleen Riley (Tucson)
Kathleen Sikes (Scottsdale)
Kathryn Babcock (Green Valley)
Kathryn Burgess (Tucson)
Kathryn Pensinger (Tucson)
Kathryn S. Roshay (Snowflake)
Kathryn Schrag (Patagonia)
Kathy Allin (Cave Creek)
Kathy Fraser (Flagstaff)
Kathy Grieves (Peoria)
Kathy Hoffman (Glendale)
Kathy Kuyper (Green Valley)
Kathy Mohr-Almeida (Mesa)
Kathy Olson (Tucson)
Kathy Parks (Tucson)
Kathy Renno (Tucson)
Katie Davis (Tucson)
Katya Peterson (Tucson)
Kay Threlkeld (Cottonwood)
Keenan (Tucson)
Keith Kleber (Tucson)
Kelda Sweeney (Glendale)
Kelly Gibbs (Flagstaff)
Kelsey Yule (Tucson)
Ken Buxton (Phoenix)
Kendra Hockenberry (San Tan Valley)
Kendrick Wilson (Tucson)
Kenneth Bierman (Tucson)
Kenneth H. Cohn (Tucson)
Kenneth J. Kingsley (Tucson)
Kenneth Smith (Yuma)
Kenny McDaniel (Mesa)
Kent Dudek, (Prescott)
Kent Loganbill (Tucson)
Keridwen Cornelius (Phoenix)
Kerry Whelan (Tucson)
Kevin Beringer (Tucson)
Kim Beck (Tucson)
Kim Simmons (Phoenix)
Kim Sonderegger
Kim Stuart (Ahwatukee)
Kimberly DeSantis (Phoenix)
Kimberly Fitzpatrick (Tucson)
Koi Limburg (Tucson)
Kris Button (Phoenix)
Kris Morgan (Tucson)
Krista Northrop (Phoenix)
Krista Perry (Phoenix)
Kristen Wolfe (Cave Creek)
Kristin Carroccino
Kristin Walsh (New York)
Kristy Kelley (Tucson)
Kurt Refsnider (Prescott)
Lacey Ottocrans (Springerville)
Lance Goehring (Glendale)
Lani Lott (Phoenix)
Lara Edelman (Tucson)
Larry Missal (Catalina)
Laura Blakeman (Coolidge)
Laura C. Manushkin (Waddell)
Laura Cleveland (Patagonia)
Laura Kemper (Tucson)
Laura Miller (Scottsdale)
Laura Neff (Tucson)
Laura Weeshoff (Scottsdale)
Lauree Mathews (Flagstaff)
Laurel Anderson (Scottsdale)
Lauren Allsopp (Scottsdale)
Lauren Amundson (Flagstaff)
Lauren Rabb (Tucson)
Layne Johnson (Phoenix)
Leandra Benson White (Prescott)
LeAnn Haley (Phoenix)
Lee Basnar (Sierra Vista)
Lee Cheatham (Laveen)
Lee Oler (Tucson)
Leif Abrell (Tucson)
Lenore Kadish (Oro Valley)
Leo Hartke (Tucson)
Leonard Nicholson (Tucson)
Les Graff (Phoenix)
Leslie Ann Epperson (Tucson)
Leslie Nixon (Tucson)
Leslie Quenichet (Prescott)
Lexi Coburn (Tucson)
Lezlie Cox (Fountain Hills)
Libby Kalinowski (Phoenix)
Liliana Novati (Queen Creek)
Linda Bolon (Goodyear)
Linda Cravens (Chandler)
Linda Crowley (Phoenix)
Linda Drew (Tucson)
Linda Holman Bentley (Phoenix)
Linda J Maley (Scottsdale)
Linda Jakse (Tempe)
Linda Kottmer (Phoenix)
Linda Matson (Tucson)
Linda Merrill (Phoenix)
Linda Ogburn (Phoenix)
Linda Paul (Tucson)
Linda Pearlman (Peoria)
Linda Ruehlman (Tempe)
Linda Schmaltz (Phoenix)
Linda Thunn (Phoenix)
Linda White (Phoenix)
Linley Fray (Phoenix)
Linnea Honeker (Vail)
Lisa Dwyer (Phoenix)
Lisa E Goldman MD (Tucson)
Lisa Hamilton (Phoenix)
Lisa Kelchner (Phoenix)
Lisa M. Perez (Phoenix)
Lisa McNamara
Lisa Schoop (Phoenix)
Lloyd Rogers (Page)
Lois Martin (Tucson)
Loisanne Keller (Tucson)
Lora Nastase (Sahuarita)
Loraine Zagula (Tucson)
Lori Gaffney (Tucson)
Lori Marino (Tucson)
Lou Schatz (Patagonia)
Louise Roman (Phoenix)
Luana Christiansen (New River)
Luis Solis (Phoenix)
Luke Heinzelman (Marana)
Luz Sarmina  (Phoenix )
Lynda Smith (Tucson)
Lynn A Neal (Flagstaff)
Lynn Ashby (Phoenix)
Lynn Butler (Phoenix)
Lynn DeMuth (Chandler)
Madeline Ryder (Tucson)
Magali Lachot (Peoria)
Mandana Nakhai
Marco Salcido (Tucson)
Marcy Tigerman (Tucson)
Margaree Bigler (Phoenix)
Margaret Christoff (Anthem)
Margaret Janecki (Tucson)
Margie O'Hare (Oro Valley)
Margo Howells (Patagonia)
Marguerite L. Mahalek (Glendale)
Marguerite Rapp (Flagstaff)
Maria Espericueta-Ochoa (Laveen)
Maria Jensen (Winslow)
Maria Salvucci (Phoenix)
Marie Brandt (Tucson)
Marigold Love (Sahuarita)
Marilyn DeRosa (Phoenix)
Marilyn Duerbeck (Phoenix)
Marilyn Luebbert (Green Valley)
Marilyn Sandon (Phoenix)
Marilyn Szabo (Phoenix)
Marilyn Waltasti (Maricopa)
Marilyn Weissman (Flagstaff)
Marilynn Cencioso (Flagstaff)
Marion Donaldson (Phoenix)
Marion Roumo (Glendale)
Marisa Poverman (Tucson)
Marjorie Gillis (Buckeye)
Mark Flint (Tucson)
Mark Hoover (Phoenix)
Mark Martin (Tucson)
Mark McFadden (Pine)
Mark Menefee (Tucson)
Mark Sanders (Green Valley)
Mark Stuart (Scottsdale)
Mark Vinson (Chandler)
Marsha Lipps (Scottsdale)
Marsha Rodrigues (Portal)
Martha Bruneau (Glendale)
Martha Lemen (Tucson)
Martha McCoy (Mesa)
Martha Traugott (Sierra Vista)
Martyn Rosalik (Tucson)
Mary Albert (Tucson)
Mary Anne Ramirez (Phoenix)
Mary Berry (Phoenix)
Mary Caldwell (Chandler)
Mary Cole (Prescott Valley)
Mary Croft (Catalina)
Mary Dahl (Rio Rico)
Mary Day (Tucson)
Mary Hannah Smith (Phoenix)
Mary K Reinhart (Scottsdale)
Mary Karrels (Tucson)
Mary Kasulaitis (Arivaca)
Mary Lyons (Globe)
Mary Moore (Chandler)
Mary N. Swersey (Flagstaff)
Mary Pat DeVito (Tucson)
Mary Small (Willamette Valley, OR)
Mary Stewart (Los Angeles, CA)
Mary Walker (Oro Valley)
Mary Whitney (Tucson)
Mary Willmon (Tucson)
Mary Wolter (Prescott)
Matthew Boyd (Green Valley)
Matthew Franklin (Tucson)
Maureen Adams (Tucson)
Maureen McDonald (Tucson)
Maxine M. Heimerl (Heber)
Meg Astudillo (Phoenix)
Meg Weesner (Tucson)
Megan Eastwood (Flagstaff)
Meghan Murphy (Tucson)
Mel Slaysman (Phoenix)
Melanie Camacho (Tempe)
Melayne Mills (Snowflake)
Melissa Amarello (Tucson)
Melissa Manno (Tempe)
Melissa Urreiztieta (Tucson)
Meredith Hartwell (Flagstaff)
Merry Dearmon-Moore (Tucson)
Michael Clinton (Scottsdale)
Michael Fiflis (Scottsdale)
Michael J. Hoogendyk (Phoenix)
Michael Kelly (Phoenix)
Michael Kutcher (Scottsdale)
Michael Satterwhite (Flagstaff)
Michael Terlep (Flagstaff)
Michael W Carnahan (Carefree)
Michele Frisella (Marana)
Michelle Hegmon (Tempe)
Michelle Lund (Chandler)
Michelle Pulich Stewart (Tempe)
Mick Dalrymple (Phoenix)
Mickey Tucker (Scottsdale)
Mike Froehner (Tucson)
Mike Ingram (Tucson)
Mike Symons (Phoenix)
Mindy Schlimgen (Prescott)
Minnie M. Richards (Chandler)
Miryam Lerma (Phoenix)
Mitch Marcus (Tucson)
Mitra Khazai (Phoenix)
Mitzi M. Rinehart (Gold Canyon)
Molly Travis (Tucson)
Morey Brown (Tucson)
Morgan Holt (Phoenix)
Morris Marshall (Phoenix)
Murray Bolesta (Green Valley)
N Houghton (Prescott)
Nancee Wood (Tucson)
Nanci Campbell Doucet (Phoenix)
Nancy (Mesa)
Nancy E Buell (Tempe)
Nancy E. Conahay (Tucson)
Nancy Ireland (Carefree)
Nancy Miller (Phoenix)
Nancy Poteet (Tucson)
Nancy Santori (Phoenix)
Nancy Schriber (Phoenix)
Nancy Wall (Tucson)
Nancy Warshawer (Tucson)
Nanette Gerber (Phoenix)
Naomi Lowry (Chandler)
Narca Moore-Craig (Portal)
Nat Houghton (Prescott)
Natalie Danforth (Bisbee)
Natalie Mast (Tucson)
Nathalie Aall (Tucson)
Nathan Rees (Tempe)
Neale Allen (Tucson)
Nelda McCoy (Mesa)
Nia Maxwell (Sun City)
Nick Arnold (Tucson)
Nicola Freegard (Tucson)
Noelle Espinosa (Tucson)
Nora Kish (Phoenix)
Norm Westbrook (Ajo)
Norma Kafer (Phoenix)
Norman Schickedanz (SaddleBrooke)
Oliver O'Connell (Scottsdale)
Oscar Medina (Tucson)
Padma Mahant (Phoenix)
Paige Murphy-Young (Tempe)
Pam Negri (Tucson)
Pamela (Gilbert)
Pamela H. Trachta (Tucson)
Pamela Jones (Casa Grande)
Pamela Slate (Scottsdale)
Pat Kurtz (Phoenix)
Pat Rorabaugh (Tucson)
Pat Ross (Tucson)
Patricia Alwaysd (Sun City)
Patricia Ewanski (Tempe)
Patricia Frannea (Tucson)
Patricia Gehlen (Tucson)
Patricia I. Jayson (Phoenix)
Patricia Keating (Tucson)
Patricia Latas (Tucson)
Patricia M Walsh (Tucson)
Patricia M. Jones (Phoenix)
Patricia Olson (Tempe)
Patricia Orosz-Coghlan (Tucson)
Patricia Stern (Tucson)
Patricia Vroom (Phoenix)
Patti Hartman (Tucson)
Patty Estes (Oro Valley)
Patty Kane (Tucson)
Patty Pearson (Tucson)
Patty Williams (Mesa)
Paul Hamilton (Tucson)
Paul Kolota (Cortaro)
Paul Mercer (Oro Valley)
Paula Belak (Phoenix )
Paula Glitsos Walsh (Phoenix)
Paula Hartgraves (Tucson)
Paula Olson (Prescott)
Paula Pflepsen (Peoria)
Peg Bauer (Scottsdale)
Peggie Jo Vincent (Tucson)
Peggy Baker (Fountain Hills)
Peggy Rupert (Tucson)
Penny Celmins (Paradise Valley)
Penny Crutchfield (Oro Valley)
Penny Govedich (Paulden)
Penny Leistiko (Lake Havasu City)
Peter Bengtson (Tucson)
Peter Chesson (Tucson)
Peter Decker (Phoenix)
Peter Lanchiou (Tucson)
Peter Rosalik (Tucson)
Peter W. Culp (Sedona)
Philip B. Williams (Phoenix)
Phyllis Ralley (Phoenix)
Phyllis Smith (Cave Creek)
Piper Thomas (Phoenix)
R Scott Roy (Cortaro)
Rabbi Dr. Adele Plotkin (Chino Valley)
Rachel Chisausky (Mesa)
Randall Grohman (Tucson)
Randi Garfield (Scottsdale)
Randy Miller (Gilbert)
Randy Miller (Laveen)
Randy Waterman (Tucson)
Randy Weber (Tucson)
Raphaël Buisson (Prescott)
Ray Goodwin (Tucson)
Raye Griffin (Tucaon)
Rebeca Rodriguez (Paradise Valley)
Rebecca Ashcraft (Flagstaff)
Rebecca Daggett (Flagstaff)
Rebecca Schultze (Tucson)
Rebecca Simpson (Phoenix)
Rebecca Smith Gross (Phoenix)
Reginald Barker (Tucson)
Remie Loudy (Chandler)
Renate Kloppinger (Sonoita)
Renell Stewart (Sierra Vista)
Renny McGovern (Phoenix)
Rex Ijams
Rey Allen, Ph.D., ASU (Tempe)
Rhoda Fry (Scottsdale)
Rhonda Erp (Phoenix)
Ricardo Small (Willamette Valley, OR)
Rich Lange (Tucson)
Richard Bryant (Tucson)
Richard Fray (Rio Rico)
Richard Grena (Sun City)
Richard Heffernon (Payson)
Richard Leonard (Phoenix)
Richard Leonard (Phoenix)
Richard Meyer (Tucson)
Richard Webster (Portal)
Rita Audisio (Phoenix)
Rita Guidi (Wickenburg)
Rita Johnson (Pine)
Rob Finklea (Gilbert)
Rob Haynes (Mesa)
Rob Kulakofsky (Tucson)
Rob Paulus (Tucson)
Robert Collis (Flagstaff)
Robert Dilts  (Oracle)
Robert Mark, Ph.D. (Flagstaff)
Robert Mason (New River)
Robert Rhoton (Show Low)
Robert Rodrigues (Portal)
Robert Unferth (Phoenix)
Robert Weissler (Hereford)
Robert Whitehead (Phoenix)
Roberto Valencia (Tucson)
Robin Clark (Tucson)
Robin Pinto (Tucson)
Rodney Johnson (Mesa)
Roger Martin (Mesa)
Roldan Yazzie (Tucson)
Romenia Singleton (Tucson)
Ronald Eich (Scottsdale)
Rosalind Switzer (Florence)
Rose Ann Rowlett (Portal)
Rosemarie Tirelli (Phoenix)
Rosemeri Barabe (Payson)
Rosie Johnson (Tucson)
Rowena Laxa (Chandler)
Roy Emrick (Tucson)
Ruth Ann LeFebvre (Sonoita)
Ruth Jefferson (Scottsdale)
Ruth Russell (Tucson)
Ryan Beam (Flagstaff)
Ryan Kulovitz
Ryan Leith (Phoenix)
Ryan Niccum (Tucson)
Ryan Ward (Flagstaff)
S. Massie (Tucson)
S. Neuhauser (Tucson)
S. Phillips (Phoenix)
Sally Connelly (Tubac)
Sally Day (Tucson)
Sally Hammond (Tucson)
Sally Janovec (Oro Valley)
Sally Mettler (Oro Valley)
Sam Braun (Sedona)
Sandra Bartell (Tucson)
Sandra Gonzales (Tempe)
Sandra Hicks (Tucson)
Sandra M. Fortner (Apache Junction)
Sandra Martynec
Sandra Simmons (Phoenix)
Sandra West (Vail)
Sandra Wolf (Sonoita)
Sandy Castagno (Tucson)
Sandy Cordova (Prescott Valley)
Sandy Haddock (Scottsdale)
Sandy Whitley (Mesa)
Sarae Barbaree (Tucson)
Sarah Ciarrachi (Phoenix)
Sarah Kennedy (Marana)
Sarah King, Phoenix)
Sarah Kriehn (Phoenix)
Sarah Martens (Marana)
Sarah McKenzie (Catalina)
Sarah McNeill
Sarah Menkce (Tucson)
Sarah Mulholland (Tucson)
Sarah Thomson (Portal)
Sarah Whelan (Tucson)
Sarah Wilce (Flagstaff)
Scott Balay (Charlotte)
Scott Kelly (Tucson)
Scott Mencke (Tucson)
Scottie Miller (Sanders)
Sean D'Addamio (Tucson)
Sebastian Sievert (Honolulu, HI)
Serge Menicucci (Marseille, France)
Sergio Avila (Tucson)
Shareen Goodroad (New River)
Shari Tiedens (Tucson)
Sharon Cohn (Tucson)
Sharon Kirsch (Phoenix)
Sharon Masek Lopez (Flagstaff)
Sharon McDonough-Means, MD (Tucson)
Sharon Snyder (Tucson)
Shawn Redfield (Phoenix)
Sheila Schultz (Sierra Vista)
Shellee Lowry (Phoenix)
Shelley Douglas
Sheri Smith (Scottsdale)
Sherri Gerlach (Mesa)
Sherry Huff (Tucson)
Shery Newell (Phoenix)
Shirin McArthur (Marana)
Shirley Hervatin (Scottsdale)
Shirley Kosek (Tucson)
Shirley McReynolds (Tucson)
Sibylle Dadey (Scottsdale).
Sidney Hirsh (Tucson)
Sierra Cottle (Flagstaff)
Silver Wilkie (Vail)
Sirena Dufault (Tucson)
Sonja Howard, (San Diego, CA)
Sonja Ladouceur (Green Valley)
Stacy Augustine (Phoenix)
Stephanie Duisberg (Tucson)
Stephanie Hazen (Salem, OR)
Stephanie Jo Bowman (Tucson)
Stephanie Petersen (Mesa)
Stephanie Petrilli (Phoenix)
Stephen Arnold (Scottsdale)
Stephen H. Buck, PhD Retired (Tucson)
Stephen Hughes (Tucson)
Stephen Knutson (Flagstaff)
Stephen Nieman (Tucson)
Stephen Paige (Tucson)
Stephen Vaughan (Tucson)
Steve Bell (Tucson)
Steve Foley (Tucson)
Steve Kaye (Placentia)
Steve La Falce (Flagstaff)
Steve Procaccini (Phoenix)
Steve Weichert (Chandler)
Steve Weiss (Phoenix)
Steve Wilson (Tucson)
Steve Wirick (Lake Havasu City)
Steven Backman (Pine)
Steven M. Sayre (Tucson)
Steven Outridge (Tucson)
Steven Wind (Tucson)
Stokes Tolbert (Tucson)
Sue Bush (Tucson)
Sue Strobel (Flagstaff)
Susan Bell (Oro Valley)
Susan Brandes (Tucson)
Susan Broomall (Marana)
Susan Cheeseman (Lake Havasu City)
Susan Culp (Sedona)
Susan Dalby (Portal)
Susan Granger (Tucson)
Susan K. Morris (Phoenix)
Susan Knutson (Tucson)
Susan Lagerman (Phoenix)
Susan Rooney (Casa Grande)
Susan Salamun (Cottonwood)
Susan Scott (Tucson)
Susan Sferra (Tucson)
Susanne McDowell (Flagstaff)
Suzanne Appelgate (Marana)
Suzanne Maddock (Scottsdale & Springerville)
Suzy Wortman (Casa grande)
Sylvia Barrett (Queen Creek)
T. S. Wick (Hereford)
Tabitha Harling (Scottsdale)
Tamara McDonald (Tucson)
Ted Cook (Phoenix)
Ted Tsouras (Flagstaff)
Tekla Vines (Tucson)
Teren Rech (Prescott)
Teri Anderson (Gilbert)
Terrence Leef (Eagar)
Terry Marron (Desert Hills)
Theresa de Vries (Tucson)
Theresa Gredig (Marana)
Therese Reynolds (Tucson)
Thomas McConnell (Marana)
Thomas Progar (Bethesda MD (former resident Tucson))
Thomas Roberts (Waddell)
Thomas Slaback (Prescott)
Thomas Wiewandt (Tucson)
Tice Supplee (Phoenix)
Tiffany Sprague (Phoenix)
Tim Colby (Chandler)
Tim Jordan (Tucson)
Tim Storer (Tucson)
Timothy Frank (Glendale)
Timothy Krone (Tucson)
Timothy Schmaltz (Phoenix)
Timothy Van Devender (Marana)
Tisha Hiebsch (Anthem)
Tishia Stewart (San Tan Valley)
Tom Crager (Lake Havasu City)
Tom Ditsworth (Mesa)
Tom Klabunde (Tempe)
Tom Krepitch (Phoenix)
Tom Richardson (Tucson)
Tom Sherman (Tempe)
Tom Timmer (Scottsdale)
Toni Skater (Tucson)
Tony Payson (Tucson)
Tonya MacBeth (Cave Creek)
Tracey Hanna (Phoenix)
Tracey Horner (Tucson)
Tracy Scheinkman (Tucson)
Trica Oshant (Tucson)
Tricia Gerrodette (Sierra Vista)
Troy Pottgen (Scottsdale)
Tyla Poshka (Tucson)
Valerie Morrill (Yuma)
Venu Reddy (Pleasanton, CA)
Vincent Pawlowski (Tucson)
Violet Heise (Tucson)
Virginia Brown (Flagstaff)
Virginia Dotson (Tucson)
Virginia Sonett (Tucson)
Virginia Wing (Green valley)
Walt Anderson (Prescott)
Walter Deinzer (Phoenix)
Wanda Torrey (Tucson)
Waynette Hohman (Catalina)
Wendy R. Lotze (Tucson)
Wilhelmina Tax (Richmond, CA; formerly Tucson)
Will Bruder (Phoenix)
William Reynolds (Tucson)
William Scott (Tucson)
William Williams (Springerville)
Winston Walker (Tucson)
Wylie Baker (Tucson)
Wynne Brown (Tucson)
Wynne Geikenjoyner (Flagstaff)
Yunghi Choi (Nogales)
Yvonne Scaramella (Scottsdale)
Zach Ortiz (Gilbert)
Zeke Robert Lundstrum (Chandler)
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