BTSS Volunteer Sign Up 2017: At Congregation Temple Israel
Please remember we are at Congregation Temple Israel! This means that there will be more walking and a new layout. It is vitally important that you try your best to arrive early in order to attend volunteer training.
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*If you would like to register your teen(s) to volunteer, please enter them individually!*
By volunteering my teen, I realize that they will not be doing the same job as me. I realize they may be on their own. I also realize that no teen under the age of 18 will be a personal shopper.*

If you are registering a teen please provide your name and contact number below:

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My Shift(s) On Sunday, July 30th:
Please consider signing up for multiple shifts. Volunteers who work two or more shifts will be served lunch.

Shift 2: 11:30am-3:00pm IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU!

Shift 3: 2:30pm-6:00pm
Shift 4: 5:00-7:00
As part of the Back To School! Store, catering to all of our kids is our first priority. If you have a special skill that will help us, please let us know below!
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We need your help after the day of the store! Choose your day(s) and shift(s) below. If you volunteer two shifts in a row you will be served a meal.
Tuesday, August 1- Breakdown
In an effort to save paper, printing, and postage, please help NCJW go green by signing up for a completely paperless BTSS account! We will contact you by E-mail INSTEAD of snail mail-- that's the only difference!*
*More of your donations will go DIRECTLY to programs instead of production costs*
By entering my name below, I agree to participate in NCJW's Back To School! Store based on my registration form above! *
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