MCHS Social Studies Class Evaluation
Please evaluate your experience this semester in Social Studies class at Middle College High School at DTCC.
Please check which class you are evaluating. *
The instructor stimulated my interest in the subject.
The instructor increased my understanding of course material.
The instructor was organized and well-prepared for each class.
The instructor demonstrated an in-depth knowledge of the subject.
The instructor challenged me to do my best work.
The instructor was accessible outside of classroom hours.
The instructor provided meaningful feedback on my work.
The instructor's website was helpful.
The instructor provided opportunities for class participation.
The instructor's grading was fair.
The instructor's grading was clearly explained at the start of class.
Projects and assignments in the class related to the course subject.
The class was easier than DTCC college classes.
The class was more difficult than DTCC college classes.
The instructor made the elements of good writing clear.
As a student, I put forth my very best effort in this class.
I was satisfied with my own effort in this class.
The class prepared me for more advanced college classes.
The class developed my ability to think critically about the subject.
This class was more challenging than other Middle College High School classes.
The tests in this class fairly represent the information taught during the class.
The tests in this class are difficult.
Overall, this class was a good learning experience.
I feel that I learned a lot from the student teacher from UNC-CH.
I was able to focus in the classroom environment.
Overall, I would recommend this class to other students at Middle College High School.
Please provide ways in which the class might be improved.
What did you like most about the class?
What did you dislike most about the class?
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