The Workaround Energy Exchange
Thank you for your interest in our new Energy Exchange Program!

Here's how it works:

You'll complete a certain number of required shifts per week (two 4 hour desk shifts OR one 4 hour cleaning shift) in exchange for an Unlimited Hot Desk Membership.

For a Front Desk Shift, you will:
- be the warm and welcoming face of the Workaround
- complete a short list of opening and closing duties
- be on-site for any urgent member requests
- be available to answer member questions and concerns or defer to administrative staff
- welcome scheduled tours and show guests around the space
- welcome new members and complete their orientation
- any additional odd and ends that make you so awesome

For a Cleaning Shift, you will:
- come in after hours and tidy-up the space
- dust, sweep, mop, vacuum, wipe down surfaces, etc.
- restock supplies and update order lists
- rearrange furniture if need be
- do a load of laundry (if needed)
- do a load of dishes (if needed)

As a huge thank you for all your hard work, you'll have unlimited access to the Workaround space and resources. Wanna host your birthday party? Done. Want a cozy meeting room to write your book? You've got it! And let's not forget unlimited coffee.

*Additional rates for childcare still apply.

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Front Desk Availability
Tuesday 8am-12pm (4 hours)
Wednesday 8am-12pm (4 hours)
Friday 8am-12pm (4 hours)
Cleaning Shift Availability
Tuesday 6pm-10pm (4 hours)
Thursday 6pm-10pm (4 hours)
Sunday 6pm-10pm (4 hours)
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