Be our guinea pig!
Thanks for volunteering as a beta-tester for our new course, Make a Change, a 6-session programme where you get to discuss, explore and plan your next move in career or life. We'll meet for highly interactive small group Zoom sessions from the start of December 2020, based on your availability (see below).
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Hello! I'm Lorna Lythgoe? Who are you? *
How did you hear about the Good Life School and this course we're piloting? *
Can you commit to 6 x 2 hour afternoon/evening sessions over 2-3 weeks from Tuesday 1st December? We'll arrange days/times with you all by Doodle:) *
Are you willing and able to go 'full guinea pig' by giving us honest, constructive feedback each week? (We think it'd take you 5-15 minutes each time - written or voice/video message.) *
Are you comfortable chatting and reflecting with others in small Zoom groups? (There's so much learning and growth when we talk and share with others!) *
It'd be great if our class had a way to communicate as a group - what methods do you prefer? *
Why are you keen to do this course at the Good Life School? *
What are your strengths? *
What's your superpower?! *
Think about a time a door closed in your life. What other door(s) opened? *
What makes you feel most alive, most 'you'? *
How do you feel about learning? *
Any comments or questions just now?
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