MAGFest Escape Room/Puzzle Hunt
In an alternate universe, it’s MAGFest 2021 at the Gaylord Convention Center. It’s your first time cosplaying, and you’re super excited to go to a cosplay meetup for [insert your favorite game]. There’s just one small problem...
You've left your glorious costume and props (finished through copious safety-pinning and duct-taping at 3AM on Thursday morning) in your friend’s Gaylord hotel room, and you can’t seem to get in touch with him. The photoshoot starts in a little over an hour, and it’s starting to look like you won’t be able to make it, despite all your hard work.
A photo of the Gaylord Convention Center
Then, your phone beeps.
A text message with your friend telling you that they've hidden clues all around the convention center that you need to solve in order to get the hotel key.
Did I mention your friend is an escape-room/puzzle fanatic who likes subjecting others to their crazy schemes? Yeah. That. Looks like they're not going to respond, so you had better get started if you want to make it to your photoshoot on time.
Gif of the Colossus Roar
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