Banchory Men's Shed - What you want
We are looking for an objective and more complete view than we currently have of what those interested in the Banchory Men's Shed are looking for from it.

Thanks in advance for your input, and we will be publishing the results in due course, probably via the web site or a newsletter.

Are you currently a Member of the Banchory Men's Shed? *
How did you hear about the Banchory Men's Shed? *
How aware are you of the wider Men's Shed movement generally - in Scotland, in the rest of the UK and abroad, including where it all started in Australia? *
If a member or intending to be, what are your interests in joining and using a "Shed" *
Note: these activities should be seen as "if available" since we cannot be sure what can be made available in our eventual premises
A main reason for joining
Very important to me
Medium importance
Of little importance
Not relevant to me at all
Social Contact
Workshop facilities - Woodworking
Workshop facilities - Metalworking
Workshop facilities - Fine Crafts
Workshop facilities - General
Social activites - cards, games, walks, cycle rides
Car/Motor Bike Repair Facilities
Educational opportunities - to learn
Educational opportunities - to share my own expertise
To learn / improve with computer/tablet/phone technology
Learn to cook / improve
Take part in Community Projects (to generally help the community)
Something else (please detail in final question - if not, select "Not relevant to me at all"
Do you have workshop facilities at home? *
Location *
Ignoring the current ideas in existence for where the shed might be, consider how likely it is you would attend a Men's Shed at different potential locations? This is a question purely regarding geographical suitability to you and not any suggestion that these locations are possible/probable or on any short or long list
Definitely would
Probably would
Probably would not
Totally unsuitable location for me
Banchory - town centre
Banchory town but outside town centre
Milton of Crathes / Crathes
Inchmarlo / Bridge of Canny
Other (please define in last-but-one question)
How often would you use the "Shed" Facilities? *
Considering both your interests and assuming the Shed is at the best location for you, how often do you think you might use the "Shed" on average. This will help us judge not only the demand but also how the Shed opening hours should be set
An hour or two per month
An hour or two per week
Up to 8 hours a week
All the time! / Whenever it's open
Don't know
As a minimum
As a maximum
What time of day would you use the "Shed"? *
Would you be willing to give your time to help make the Men's Shed Work? *
Sorry, no time at all
May be able to help out for very short periods
I can get involved as a team member for maybe a few hours a week
Keen to get stuck in as a team member or help with organising / admin etc
Would like to be fully involved and am willing also to take on "Officer" / Trustee / Team Leader role
Before premises are available
Once premises are up and running
Do you have any particular skills that would help in setting up or running a Men' Shed *
As little or as much as you are able to offer - "for example but not limited to" - computer expertise, fund-raising, county planning expertise, accountancy/book-keeping, general admin, Press relations, technical input (electrical, plumbing, building, other trades, or engineering/architectural/QS) etc
Your answer
How would you describe your personal situation *
What is your age range? *
Overall, how important is it for you to have a Banchory Men's Shed? *
Having considered all of the above, and assuming the Men's Shed would give you what you are looking for, how important do you think a fully up-and-running Men's Shed would be in your life, overall?
Any other comments?
Please add any other comments you would like to make, including if necessary clarifying any of the above questions answered as "Other"
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Contact details (optional)
This questionnaire is anonymous. However, if you would like us to be able to contact you, please include your name and e-mail address below
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