Join the Fight to Dismantle FERC and Replace it with the Federal Renewable Energy Commission!
In April of 2019 BXE launched the FERC into FREC campaign by occupying the awning above the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Since then we've gotten support from 234 organizations, former presidential candidates Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Green Party candidate Howie Hawkins. We went on two roadshows through northern and southern Appalachian communities on the frontlines of fracking, pipeline, and environmental justice struggles.
Gathering ideas and input from the frontlines- we launched the FERC Into FREC film! Now we are looking to solidify the idea of a Federal Renewable Energy Commission into a plan that has Congressional backing. We have drafted "the Legislative Case for a New Federal Renewable Energy Commission" and are seeking critical feedback from the movement and support in bringing it to Congress!

You can check out the document here:
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The FERC Into FREC Movie
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