IKS Grassroots Presenter Questionnaire
Thanks for expressing interest in presenting a workshop with IllumIKnation Station.  

As a grassroots presenter, you are volunteering an hour of your time to share your knowledge, skills, or experience.  

Please confirm your interest (only if you are dedicated to trying to make your workshop presentation time), and answer a few questions for us so we can put together a finalized schedule and workshop descriptions.  This will help us meet your needs and ensure a smooth-running event.  {{{PLEASE NOTE that Grassroots Presenters are attending the event in some other capacity and volunteering a little time to the community, they DO NOT receive entrance for they workshops.  Ticketed Presenters for select events use a different application, please email us at iksdome@gmail.com for more information}}}

Below are some questions about what you want to share with you extended human family. (If you want to present multiple workshops with IKS at this event, then simply fill out the questions separately for each workshop.)

IKS 2023 Workshop Tour

·        -Spring Phoenix Rising Fest, April 20-23 in Garrettsville OH;

·        -Some Kind of Jam, April 28 - April 30 in Kempton PA;

·        -Pyro Arts and Music Festival, June 2-4 in Garrettsville OH;

·        -And More Events announced soon on our website.

Let us know what event you want to see IKS at in 2023!

Please check online at www.IKSdome.com regularly for updates!

Find us on Facebook!  https://www.facebook.com/IllumIKnation.StationDome

Email us at iksdome@gmail.com

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PLEASE NOTE that this Grassroots Presenter application is for those ALREADY ATTENDING THE EVENT who want to VOLUNTEER an HOUR of their time to share with the community on any topic, in any format, and at any skill level.

If you want to WORK for ENTRANCE TO THE EVENT, then you might want to try the IKS Staff application (work and teach in exchange for event entrance): IKS Staff Application (google.com)

If you are a PROFESSIONAL looking to TEACH a class in exchange for EVENT ENTRANCE or other reimbursement, then please fill out the IKS Contracted Presenter application (Teach for entrance/reimbursement): IKS Contracted Presenter Questionnaire (google.com)

What is your name? *
Given or preferred.
What Festival(s) or Event(s) are you applying to present with IKS at? *
Specific event names are appreciated. It is also OK to provide a region of the county, or a central location with the maximum distance you're interested in traveling.
What topic do you want to present on? *
Exactly what do you want to call your workshop?   *
If you care about a specific title.
How long of a time-slot do you want *
When would you be willing to present? *
(Preferred Days and/or Times) [Not guaranteed]  
Can you briefly describe what you are presenting on? *
We will use this information to write a description.
What is your knowledge/skill level in your subject? *
Any skill level from interested novice to experienced professional Is OK, this will not disqualify you.  We simply want to be sure to correctly represent what you will be teaching.
How should the presenter(s)' name appear in the schedule? *
What is your Email, Facebook, and/or other online contact information? *
So we can contact you to confirm your acceptance or clarify details.
What is your phone number so we can remind you about your workshop? *
Is your workshop associated with an organization, business, or other group?
If so, please tell us the name of the group, a little about them, and include a link.
Do you have any special needs for your workshop, such as space requirements or equipment? *
It is not the policy of IKS to provide expendable supplies.
Please Note
Submitting an IKS Grassroots Presenter Questionnaire does NOT mean your application for a workshop has been accepted.  You will recieve notification if IllumiKnation Station is able to include your workshop on your schedule.

Remember that our grassroots presenters are individuals who are ALREADY attending the festival on their own as patrons, vendors, event staff, or etcetera; and who want to volunteer an hour or so of their time to share a workshop with their human family.  

* By returning this completed form, you are confirming that you committed to attending the Festival, including having a method of entry.

* If you do not have a means of entry to the event, presenting a workshop with IKS will most likely NOT gain you entry.  It is not our policy to provide tickets for presenters, but the festival promoters may decide to make an exception for special presenters.  To find out more contact us at iksdome@gmail.com or contact the event promotors directly.

*IKS also offers limited staff positions separately, which include entrance in exchange for working shifts facilitating education (separate application).

Much love, thanks so much for sharing your knowledge, experience, and love with this great community!
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