IRCSD Parent Portal Account Request Form
Thank you for your interest in accessing the Indian River Central School District SchoolTool Parent Portal. Please fill out the following fields completely and to the best of your ability, and then click "Submit" to send us your request for access to our parent portal.

PLEASE NOTE: If you provide the same email address for both parents or legal guardians, only one account will be created. Parents should sign up with separate email accounts if they would like separate Parent Portal accounts. Divorced or separated parents should submit separate requests.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Your Parent Portal account request will not be processed until you have returned a signed Acceptable Use Policy to IRCSD. If we do not receive a signed AUP within thirty days of your form submission, your account request will be denied.

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I acknowledge that if I do not return a signed IRCSD Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy within thirty days of submitting this form, my request for an account will be denied. *
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