Personal action for environmental change
If you are a coral scientist, practitioner, student or, for any reason, you are enthusiastic about coral reefs, I invite you to participate in a short (5-10 minute) survey about your personal actions for environmental, and ancillary societal, change. Your participation is completely voluntary, and there are no foreseeable associated risks. However, if you feel uncomfortable answering any question, you can withdraw at any point.
Your responses will remain strictly confidential and all data from this questionnaire will be reported only in the aggregate. If you have questions at any time about the survey or procedures, you may contact Dr. Franziska Elmer (

Thank you very much for your time and support. You can start now by clicking the Next button below.
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Where do you currently reside
How would you categorize your career stage?
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What is your age
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How do the following statements apply to you? (If you have no control or influence over particular statements then answer with a blank answer)
strongly applies
mainly applies
does not apply
I am planning to engage in this action in the future
I have changed or I’m changing my diet to include more vegetarian/vegan meals
I am vegan
I don’t eat unsustainably harvested fish
I don’t eat fish
I am growing some of my own vegetables or fruit
I eat local and seasonal produce
I produce little or less food waste
I am purchasing fewer processed foods
I have reduced how many new clothes I buy or have never bought many.
I have reduced how many new electronics I buy or have never bought many
I have reduced the amount of waste I produce
I buy biodegradable cleaning and hygiene products
I fly less
I bike/walk/use public transport instead of driving a car when these are safe and efficient options
I drive an electric car or plan to choose an electric car for my next car purchase
More of my electricity is now coming from renewable forms of energy
Heater/cooler changed to be powered by renewables or plan to switch when they need to be replaced
I am turning off my electronic equipment to save energy before going to bed at night
I have decided to have fewer children
I support organizations that enable girls to get an education
I support organisations that provide family planning tools to women
I support indigenous groups and other communities that protect biodiversity rich habitats
I have divested/am divesting my money from fossil fuels
I ask organisations of which I am a part to divest their money from fossil fuels
I offset the greenhouse gas emissions from my flights
I offset green house gas emissions from activities other than flying
I plant trees, mangroves or seagrass
I have started working on practical solutions towards a regenerative future/living within planetary boundaries
I have participated in peaceful civil disobedience (e.g. strike) for a regenerative future/ living within planetary boundaries
I am an active member of an environmental organisation
If I can vote, I have voted with the environment as a high priority
I have educated others on a regenerative future/sustainable living
I am aware how important social justice is for environmental justice and go out of my way to provide space for voices from marginalized groups
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Is there any action that you participate in that was not listed above?
If you have an exciting story to share that relates to the above actions, please use the space below.
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