School Registration 2021
Thank you for participating in the Sioux Empire VIRTUAL Water Festival! Please complete this form to register your class for the 2021 Water Fest to be held on March 9-10, 2021.

We are requesting that registrations be received by December 18, 2020. Note that we would like EACH 4th grade teacher to register their own class.

We will email you an official confirmation of your registration. If you do not receive confirmation by January 31, 2021, and you plan to attend the Virtual Festival, please contact Melanie Raine at

*Communication about the festival will be through our email account. Thank you for ensuring that emails from this address do not go to your spam folder.*
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Would you like us to keep the presentation links live until May 1 if our presenters are agreeable with extending the viewing time? *
Will closed captioning be necessary for you or your students? *
Do any of your students have special needs that should be addressed by us for this virtual event? If so, what should we do?
How many students are in your class? *
Do you have any concerns or suggestions to make this event more enjoyable and successful for your students? In other words, what have we forgotten?
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