Demo Night 2018 Startup Application Form
This forum is used for startups who would like to present at:
1 The monthly Startup Demo Night
2 Private Pitch and Demo Event to investor

Demo Nigh Brought you by:
Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs
Silicon Valley Developer Network

Pitching Rules:

Startup selection process before event happens:

Fill out application form---> Confirmation letter from SVE(only startups with below qualification can receive) ---> Pre-selection process by SVE & Judge---> Demo


1 Commitment: The Founder or CEO must work full time for the Start-up.
2 Presentation: Only Start-ups with a demoable product are able to present.
3. Funding -- 100K prior funding is a prerequisite
4 Minimal two full time members in the team
5 Presenter must be cofounder, CEO, President of the company

Note: fund raising status is not a factor.
Please do not fill in the form if you are not qualified.

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