Silicon Valley Chinese School - Returning Student Skip Grade Application Form
Dear SVCS Parents,

If your child(ren) wish to skip to a higher grade, please follow the instructions below:

1. This application form is only for SVCS returning student who had completed registration for the next school year. If your child does not meet this requirement, please do not complete this form.

2. Complete one form for each returning student. Please do not complete multiple forms for a single student.

3. Plan to attend the next available placement test. SVCS hosts two placement tests in the summer. For more information regarding placement test, please check the school website (

4. After submitting the application form, for the purpose of confirmation the SVCS will contact you via email (or phone) based on the information you provided.

SVCS Administration
A. Student Information
Student first name: *
(in English)
Student last name: *
(in English)
Student full name in Chinese:
(If applicable)
The grade of the above-mentioned student in day-time school for the 2021-2022 school year: *
The grade in SVCS of the above-mentioned student who completed (or will complete) in May: *
The grade of the above-mentioned student who would like to skip to: *
The reason for skipping grade:
B. Parent contact information:
Parent's phone number: *
(including area code, e.g. 408.123.4567)
Parent's email address: *
Re-type the email address: *
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