Opinion Poll: Weekend Theatre School
Thank you so much for agreeing to take part in our small poll. It is just twelve questions long, plus some short details about yourself.

The Bridge will be an English Theatre for Brussels. We want not only to create great theatre, but also to use our knowledge of performing arts to inspire young people and enable them to grow. As such, alongside the theatre, we plan to establish a weekend Theatre School. This would be three-hour weekly sessions, involving lessons in acting, singing and dancing. It would be open to children aged 10-18.

This survey is anonymous. The results of this poll will help us to create a school that better caters to the needs of your child or children. If you have any further questions, feel free to get in touch on info@thebridge.brussels.
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1. Does your child or do your children already have an interest in acting, singing, dancing, or a combination of the three? *
2. Does your child or do your children already attend group acting, singing or dance lessons of any type? *
3. Does your child or do your children already attend a weekend theatre school in English? *
If yes, which school?
4. Would your child(ren) be interested in attending a weekly performing arts school in English (with three one-hour classes)? *
5. What would be your prime motivating factor for sending your child/children to a weekend performing arts school in English? *
6. What would be your prime "de-motivating" factor, putting you off sending your child(ren) to a three-hour immersive theatre school? *
7. How much would you be willing to pay for a term of 12 weeks of school (three hours per week)? *
8. If the school was located near to Brussels Gare du Midi / Zuidstation, how would this affect your decision to sign up? *
9. If lessons were taught by young West End performers, would this make you more likely to sign up? *
10. If lessons were taught by young West End performers, would you be willing to pay more for the school compared with other schools? *
11. If your child(ren) were to have access to private, individual lessons in any of three disciplines, in addition to the three-hour school, would this make you more likely to sign up? *
12. If offered, which private, individual lessons would you be interested in? *
Now a little about you and your family
This will help us to gauge which families in Brussels are interested in an English theatre school.
a. How many children do you have? *
b. Which age are your children? (tick all that apply) *
c. What is your household income? *
In which Brussels commune do you live? *
d. Are you (the parent/guardian) engaged in performing arts (e.g. do you play an instrument, go to dance classes or perform on stage?) *
Please provide any further comments, questions or ideas you may have below:
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