Tau Station: Input wanted for SEO!
Your journey to Tau Station can help us.
Please give us 2 minutes and share your valuable input with us. Thanks!

We've been preparing the launch of Tau Station. One important aspect is search engine optimization (SEO) to position our beloved game in a way that gamers who love titles like Tau Station can find us easily.

Therefore your input about your personal journey to Tau Station will help us understand what you think what are key characteristics of our game.
What did you look for when you came to Tau Station?
Did you search for a game, a text, ... what were you aiming for?
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Which key words did you use when searching?
Please share with us which key words you used. Don't feel limited to the words in the example graphic.
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Which key words do you connect with Tau Station now?
With your game experience you gained over time: which characteristics/key words do reflect our game the best way? Which words would you use in order to find Tau Station?
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