PSU Co-Sponsorship Form 2018-19
The PSU is dedicated to increasing nuanced dialogue on underrepresented topics on campus, and we love to support our peers in this agenda.

If you as an individual or your club or organization has an idea for an event that fits our mission statement and would like our partnership, please submit a co-sponsorship form. We can assist you in framing the event, securing speakers, funding, and/or event planning logistics.

This semester (Fall 2018), the PSU is not taking cosponsorship requests for big-budget events. We plan to do so in the spring. However, we have reserved our Chat and Chew platform for cosponsored discussions with student groups and guest speakers from the Claremont community. We can also provide non-financial event planning support, depending on our General Board members' availability at the time. If you or your group is interested in planning a student discussion of this kind, please fill out this form.

How the co-sponsorship process works:
1. Submit this form.
2. Once the PSU Executive Board reviews the request and judges it to be an appropriate event that fits the PSU mission statement, I will invite you to pitch your idea to the General Board at the next PSU meeting.
3. The PSU board will vote on whether to pursue the cosponsorship.
4. Once your event is approved, we will schedule a meeting to discuss goals and expectations for the co-sponsorship. If appropriate, interested PSU members will be assigned to guide you through the process of planning your event.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at

Sophia Artis '20
Pomona Student Union
Vice President of Internal and External Development

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PSU Mission Statement: “The Pomona Student Union is a nonpartisan student-run organization committed to increasing the level of honest and open dialogue on campus; we challenge assumptions and present a multiplicity of perspectives through speeches, discussions, and debates on important issues.” Does your event fit into this statement, whatever your interpretation of it is? What unknown or new perspectives are being brought to light?Your answer
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