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Hi everyone! Physics Unlimited is looking to organize a virtual networking program benefiting high school and college students interested in physics to interact with some of their peers as well as older students who have studied physics in some capacity at university, whether they are pursuing graduate studies in physics or related fields or supplemented their other STEM studies with physics. This is a great opportunity for students to meet like-minded people and learn about what it's like to study physics, do research, and more beyond high school or college (depending on their level). The networking sessions will be held throughout August, and students can attend a session that suits their time and interests.

If you are beyond the level of a 1st year undergraduate (there is no upper limit on age or experience), we would be grateful if you volunteer to facilitate one of these sessions, which will be very low time-commitment and flexible. Throughout August, you can pick a 1-hour time block that suits your schedule and set up a virtual meeting that younger students can join (via Zoom, Google Meetup, etc.). The students who can and are interested will show up, although if needed we will try to organize it so that you will have a small group of 5-6 students for greater personal interaction. You don't have to prepare anything — simply introduce yourself and talk about your own experiences with physics, math, or other research/courses you have taken, ask them about their experiences and goals (to the extent they are comfortable sharing), and answer any general questions they might have.

We are looking to reach students worldwide, provided they can find a facilitator in a convenient time zone and who speaks their language. If you are interested in being a facilitator, please fill out this interest form and check out our webpage at with a brief overview of the program and how we envision the facilitation sessions to be structured (although you would have all the freedom you'd like in terms of content you talk about and are free to deviate from our suggested format).
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