Berlin Recreation Committee
Town Resident Survey
As a newly formed committee, we hope to gain insight from our residents as to which aspects of recreation in our town we should focus on.
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The Berlin Ordinance for the Recreation Committee gives us the following responsibilities: "Section 6. The Board shall be charged with the control, development, management, operation and maintenance of a system of public parks, recreational areas and facilities, and shall be charged with the supervision and maintenance of playgrounds, play-fields, bathing beaches, swimming pools, recreation centers and other recreation and park activities, areas and facilities...It shall be charged with the responsibility of providing an adequate and a wholesome recreation program for [all] people..." Which aspect of this charge do you believe needs the most attention this year? *
How do you currently use Berlin town resources to recreate? *
If you use the town skating rink in the winter, would you be willing to help with its upkeep? *
Are there any major goals or opportunities you would like to see our committee work towards? *
What is the best way for us to reach our community about events and recreation opportunities? *
Would you like the opportunity to participate in an adult pick-up game? Which sports would you participate in?
Is there anything else you would like our committee to know about?
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