Silent Art Auction
This form can be submitted before the con or filled out during con hours Friday and Saturday.

- Must be Original (No copy of it's kind, so it must not be like a print or anything else you're already selling)
- Must be about the Tales of Series
- Traditional artwork preferred
- Crafts are also welcome as long as they are one of a kind
- Artwork must be framed (Not just a piece of paper)
- Max 3 works
- Submit 1 form for every work you intend to submit

Fee (to be paid at the front desk upon submission of your artwork): $5

You choose minimum bid (No penny bids allowed)
You keep the rest of the money that you win
Auction will end before Closing Ceremonies and winners will be announced during them
If your piece is not bid on it will be returned to you. However you will not be refunded the entry fee.

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Do you understand that by submitting this work you are obligated to stay until and be present at closing ceremonies (6pm on Sunday)? *
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