Jamo's Worms: An Ordering Form
Jamo is my little brother and he's our Worm Master here at Carter's Compost World HQ. He grows Traverse City worms to eat your Traverse City kitchen scraps. TC composting worms delivered by bicycle to your TC home = awesome!

We have at least 100 hundred million trillion worms for sale. They’re a mix of “red wigglers” and “native” Traverse City worms that we harvest from our compost piles at C'sC World HQ.

Our worms eat kitchen scraps and they never complain. They are our most valuable employees who turn food waste into black gold for the garden. Plus they don’t even have any teeth. Magic!

Worms are easy. Worms are nice. Worms will make you happy and make great pets. Worms are a no-brainer that your kids will love. You should buy some ;)

$25 for 500-ish worms. Perfect for a larger worm bin or jump starting your compost pile.
$15 for 250-ish worms. Ideal for a smaller worm bin.
$50 for a ready-to-go worm bin with 500-ish worms in a snazzy, pre-drilled for ventilation and drainage, C’sC decal’ed, plastic tote with lid.
$25 for 5lbs of 100% worm poop. This is the good stuff, folks. Black gold. Local Traverse City worm castings to grow amazing Traverse City veggies. Your plants will love it. Really.

Picking the worms out of their home is stressful for them so, to keep them happy, we simply scoop out the adult/baby/grandma/teenager worms, castings, worm eggs, bedding and veggie scraps from our bins into a 5 gallon bucket. This will go straight into your bin at home and seems to work very well. Expect 10 lbs-ish of worms and materials for the 500-ish package and 5lbs for the 250-ish package.

AND! Free bike-powered delivery to your home during the non winter months for those who live within City limits.

Otherwise, worms can be picked-up here at C’sC World HQ on Washington Street.

Payment: Checks to "Jameson Schmidt", cash or Paypal to carterscompost@gmail.com are all accepted.

Email us at jameson.tcmi@gmail.com with questions.

Stay Worm and Compost On!

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