Solidarity with Princeton University campus workers: support workers' rights during 2018 Union negotiations
*YDS Workers' Rights Committee delivered the petition to the relevant administrators on June 20, but we still encourage anyone affiliated with Princeton University and the surrounding community to read the grievances and sign. This petition will exist as a public record of community solidarity with campus workers until SEIU 175 contract renegotiations are over.

To President Eisgruber, the Board of Trustees, and the Provost’s Office:

As concerned Princeton community members, we are writing to draw attention to grievances we’ve heard from campus workers. We ask that you redress these grievances during this summer’s renegotiations with Service Employees International Union Local 175.

After interviewing over thirty workers from Dining Services, Facilities, and other departments, students from Young Democratic Socialists (with approval of and in communication with SEIU 175) organized a Town Hall on May 9, 2018, to bring these concerns to the public. Read about it here: To facilitate a broader discussion, we have compiled the following list of grievances and are asking students, alumni, faculty, staff, and community members to sign their names in solidarity with campus workers.

A comprehensive summary of our key points is included below.To see the full report we have prepared, click here:

Wages and Benefits--
The most consistent grievance that we have heard from SEIU leadership is the need for a cost of living adjustment, which would raise workers’ wages at a rate proportional to New Jersey’s rising consumer price index. The University has not made a cost of living adjustment in over 15 years.

Managerial Abuse of Power and Harassment—
Performance reviews by managers are used to determine wage increases. These reviews allow for favoritism, frequently based on discrimination by race, gender, and/or national origin. Minoritized workers are systematically discouraged from speaking out and lack adequate protection from managerial abuse of power.

Safety, Illness, and Workers’ Welfare—
Workers have described scenarios in which they have faced resistance when trying to get medical or sick leave. Workers are often expected to continue working even after undergoing a medical procedure, spraining an ankle, or receiving another injury.
Workers have reported working in unsafe conditions, such as having to work in a lead-contaminated workshop, or having to shovel snow despite being over 50 years old.
During extreme weather conditions, “essential services” workers have had to stay on campus, but have either not received accommodations or have been packed into unsuitable, public accommodations, such as the Frist Center basement or Dillon Gym, where they had no privacy and could not rest properly. Workers also reported that the University avoided paying them overtime in accordance with the existing contract.

Labor Hiring Practices—
SEIU 175 has complained that the University relies on contracting temporary workers, despite promising in 2003 to reduce the number of temporary workers hired. Temporary and part-time workers operate without any of the security or benefits available to full-time employees. This also undermines the power of the union by decreasing the number of unionized workers.

Channels of Communication and Workplace Democracy—
Workers consistently complain that they feel like they “don’t have a voice” or any power in their workplace. The grievance procedure is not made fully accessible to all workers due to language barriers. Additionally, managers oftentimes do not inform workers of their rights, such as their right to a union representative in disciplinary situations. Management needs education and accountability around their responsibility in upholding the power of the union, and workers need to be better informed of their rights.

By signing this petition, I indicate that I have read this sheet, I recognize these issues are real and serious, and I express my commitment to pay attention to the University’s actions in regards to workers’ rights. I call upon President Eisgruber, the Board of Trustees, the Provost’s Office, and anyone else involved in contract negotiations with SEIU Local 175 to seriously consider the above concerns and allegations. We are watching, and we will not allow the University to ignore the very workers who keep this community together.


YDS Workers' Rights Committee

Aparna Raghu, Alum, MOL 2018
Nicky Steidel, Alum, AAS 2018
Imani Thornton, Alum, POL 2018
Carolina Nunez, Alum, 2013
Courtney Crumpler, Alum, ANT 2013
Joe Gatto, Alum, 1978
Sarah Reeves, Alum, Independent concentration in GSS 2018
Lafayette Matthews, Alum, 2017
Dayton Martindale, Alum, 2015
Lee Vanderlinden, Alum, POL 2013
Robert Joyce, Alum, 2013
Andrea D'Souza, Alum
Spencer Hadley, Alum, 2018
Eleanor Roberts, Alum, POL 2015
Nicholas Horvath, Alum
Mike Southwell, Alum, 1960
Kellen Heniford, Alum, HIS and AAS 2014
Adam Flynn, Alum, 2008
Alexandra Houston, Alum, 2017
María Perales Sánchez, Alum, 2018
Nathan Leach, Alum, REL 2018
Kabbas Azhar, Alum, 2018
Kevin Cheng, Alum, ENG 2017
Dr. James Robert Hunter, Alum, 2013
Catherine Sharp, Alum, 2018
Vivian Chang, Alum, WWS 2017
Evan Washington, Alum, 2018
Aaron Stevens, Alum, 2018
Sarah Hoyt Steidel, Alum, 1983
Caleb Negash, Alum, 2015
Tania Mathurin, Alum, WWS 2017
Ruwa Alhayek, Alum, NES 2014
Sophia Echavarria, Alum, 2009
Pavel Shibayev, Alum, 2015
Marissa Webber, Alum, 2018
Molly Gibson, Alum, 2014
Max Grear, Alum, Spanish and Portuguese 2018
Chelsea Johnson, Alum, POL Afam 2018
John Michael Colón, Alum, COM 2016
Hannah Wang, Alum, 2021
Mason Herson-Hord, Alum, NES 2015
Arlene Gamio Cuervo, Alum, 2018
Frances Steere, Alum, ARC 2018
Joe LoPresti, Alum, 2015
Tristan Schrader, Alum, 2018
Max Stahl, Alum, 2018
Devika Balachandran, Alum, 2014
Nihar Madhavan, Alum, 2015
Harrison Waldon, Alum, MAT 2017
Emily Chen, Alum, 2017
Aria Alexander, Alum, EEB 2018
David Liao, Alum, 2010
Morayo Odujinrin, Alum, ANT 2018
Jonathan Choi, Alum, EEB 2015
Thomas Ray Garcia, Alum, 2016
Amina Simon, Alum, AAS
Katie Horvath, Alum, 2015
Robert Irwin, Alum, 1972
Michael Buchman, Alum, 1973
Leo mena, Alum, 2012
Yasmin Dagne, Alum, 2014
Cameron Scott, Alum, CBE 2021
Chelsea Mayo, Alum, 2014
Alice Frederick, Alum, 2017
Laura S. Munzer, Alum, 1979
Rebekah Belayneh, Alum, ANT 2008
Tom Ledford, Alum, 2013
Kelsey Johnson, Alum, 2008
Bennett McIntosh, Alum, CHM 2016
Broderic Bender, Alum, 2017
Brett Diehl, Alum, HIS 2015
Maxwell Gollin, Alum, WWS 2016
Taylor Myers, Alum, CHM
Sophia Williams, Alum, ARC 2018
Jonathan Lu, Alum, COS 2018
Pablo Vasquez, Alum, POL 2017
Deborah Sandoval, Alum, COS 2016
Dzhelil Rufat, Alum, MAE 2008
Derek Gideon, Alum, 2012
Irene Routte, Alum, 2008
Jordan Shivers, Alum, 2016
Rachel Stone, Alum, ENG 2017
Jesus Cantu, Alum, 2017
John Oakes, Alum, 1983
Laura Ong, Alum, PHI 2017
Brittney Watkins, Alum, 2016
Megan Tung, Alum, ENG 2017
Sandy Harrison, Alum, 1974
Noemi de la Puente, Alum, *86 S*89
Rebecca Weng, Alum, 2018
Alice, Alum, 2018
Shefali Nayak, Alum, CS 2018
George Kunkel, Alum, 2017
David Hastings, Alum, CHM 1979
Lee Worden, Alum, PACM 2003
Mordecai-Mark Mac Low, Alum, PHY 1983
Michelle Lerner, Alum, ANT 1993
Jamie Ding, Alum, 2013
Ransom Richardson, Alum, 1998
Victoria Risk, Alum, 1981
Henryk Jaronowski, Alum, CLA & HLS 2006
Craig Mellow, Alum, SLA 1981
Christina Tonitto, Alum, EEB 1994
Yossi Quint, Alum, 2017
Sarah Kaplan, Alum, 2001
Emily Sung, Alum, 2011
Sally Frank, Alum, 1980
Isabel Cleff, Alum, MAE 2018
Nadia Diamond, Alum, HIS
Devansh Gupta, Alum, 2017
Brigid Ehrmantraut, Alum, Classics 2018
Chi Anunwa, Alum, 2011
Natasha, Alum, ART 2009
Avanthi M Cole, Alum, AAS 2018
De Vann Sago, Alum, WWS 2016
Cailin Hong, Alum, ORFE 2017
Caleb Gum, Alum, 2018
Grace Jeon, Alum, WWS 2017
Zachariah DeGiulio, Alum, CEE/ARC 2018
Edric Huang, Alum, ANT 2018
Mayya Velitskaya, Alum, 2018
Amir Raja, Alum, MAE 2018
Casandra Monroe, Alum, MAT 2018
Anna Leader, Alum, COM 2018
Minji Kim, Alum, 2017
Diego Negrón-Reichard, Alum, 2018
Jasmine Wang, Alum, ENG 2018
Nicholas Wu, Alum, 2018
Helen Lin, Alum, 2018
Katrina Davies, Alum, 2018
Jennifer (Engelberg) Bader, Alum, 1991
Dina Hossain, Alum, WWS 1991
Mim Ra Aslaoui, Alum,
Alice Mar-Abe, Alum, POL 2018
Josh Marshall, Alum, 1991
Eaman Shire, Alum, SOC 2018
Peter Gustafson, Alum, MUS 2013
Emily Tu, Alum, 2016
Joshua Murray, Alum, GEO 2018
Michael Granovetter, Alum, 2015
Nicole, Alum, ORFE 2017
Hannah Hirsh, Alum, CLA 2016
Iriane Narcisse, Alum, PSY 2015
Rebecca Schnell, Alum, ENG 2018
Myesha Jemison, Alum, 2018
Brandon Joa, Alum, REL 2018
Olivia Watson, Alum, 2015
Terrence Fraser, Alum, POL 2016
Jane Liu, Alum, 2001
Calvin Wentling, Alum, MUS 2018
Annie Hadley, Alum, WWS 2018
Natasha Lavdovsky, Alum, ART 2009
Matthew Allen, Alum, WWS 2018
Sara Fridovich-Keil, Alum, EE 2018
Megan Prier, Alum, CEE 2011
Debora Darabi, Alum, COM 2018
Adetobi Moses, Alum, 2018
Tehila Stone, Alum, 2017
Jesenia Haynes, Alum, EEB 2018
Gabriella Ravida, Alum, WWS 2015
Emily Pauls, Alum, MOL 2018
Jared Garland, Alum, COM 2015
Kyle Berlin, Alum, Spanish & Portuguese 2018
Margaret Wright, Alum, ENG 2017
Nathaniel Cope, Alum, MAE 2017
Daniel Marshall, Alum, 2017
Dorottya Demszky, Alum
Pinar Umman, Alum
Theodore Wright, MD, Alum, 1991
John Mangual, Alum, MAT 2006
Grace Lynch, Alum, MAE 2018
Elly Brown, Alum, POL 2018
Mikaela Bankston, Alum, MOL 2018
Valerie Wilson, Alum, HIS 2018
Kayla Moffett, Alum, 2018
Christina Rice, Alum, MAE 2017
Jenny Silver, Alum, 2018
Alexandra Daniels, Alum, SOC 2017
Raven DeRamus-Byers, Alum, ENG, AAS, Teacher Prep 2016
Hal Foster, Alum, ART 1977
Steve Smaha, Alum
Théo Keeley-LeClaire, Alum, CBE 2018
Abigail Kelly, Alum, REL 2015
Morgan Robinson, Alum, HIS
Leea Driskell, Alum, ENG 2017
Danielle Taylor, Alum, CBE
Sarah Sakha, Alum, WWS 2018
Casey Ivanovich, Alum
Jessica Marati, Alum, 2008
Allanna Daniels, Alum, 2016
Sylvia Suarez, Alum
Alessandra Brown, Alum, WWS 2018
William Atkinson, Alum, GEO 2018
Patrick Rooney, Alum, Art & Archeology 2018
Zach Feig, Alum, MOL 2018
Maegan Richards, Alum, PSY 2018
Daniel Krane, Alum, Spanish and Portugese 2018

Jeff Snyder, Faculty, 2013
Wendy Belcher, Faculty, AAS and COM
Su Friedrich, Faculty, Lewis Center for the Arts
Michael Strauss, Faculty, AST
Shaun Marmon, Faculty, REG
Eve Aschheim, Faculty, Lewis Center for the Arts
Elizabeth Levy Paluck, Faculty
Susan Sugarman, Faculty, PSY
Dan-el Padilla Peralta, Faculty, CLA 2006
Christina León, Faculty, ENG
Zahid Chaudhary, Faculty, ENG
Jenny Greene, Faculty, AST
Gillian Knapp, Faculty, AST
Dara Strolovitch, Faculty, GSS and POL
Olga P. Hasty, Faculty, SLA
Lital Levy, Faculty, COM
Andrea Graham, Faculty, EEB
Yael Niv, Faculty, PSY and NEU
Stefan Eich, Faculty, Society of Fellows
Monica Huerta, Faculty, Society of Fellows
Bernadette Perez, Faculty, Society of Fellows
Peter Wirzbicki, Faculty, HIS
Andrew Johnson, Faculty, ANT
Ruha Benjamin, Faculty, AAS
Brian Eugenio Herrera, Faculty, Lewis Center for the Arts
Reena Goldthree, Faculty, AAS
Nicole D Legnani, Faculty, Spanish & Portuguese
Olga Peters Hasty, Faculty, SLA
Paul Frymer, Faculty, POL
Judith Weisenfeld, Faculty, REL
Susana Draper, Faculty, COM
Tali Mendelberg, Faculty, POL
Joshua Kotin, Faculty, ENG
Eileen Reeves, Faculty, COM
Matthew Karp, Faculty, HIS
Jeff Dolven, Faculty, ENG
Karen Emmerich, Faculty, COM

Moritz Kuett, Postdoc, WWS
Meg Arenberg, Postdoctoral Research Associate
Cassandra Henderson, Staff, Astrophysical Sciences
Will Silversmith, Staff, Princeton Neuroscience Institute
V. Balaji, Staff, AOS Program
Nathalie Levine, Staff, Princeton University Press
Francois Laforge, Staff, Chemistry
Sandra Buckley, Staff, Dining Services since 2000
Allison Bland, Staff, African American Studies
Dan Contessa, Staff, Building Services
Bobby, Staff, Dining Services
Mike Wolf, Staff
Noke Aponte, Staff, Mail Services
Brion Campbell, Staff
James Lynch, Staff, Campus Dining
Mohamed Flites, Staff, Building Services
Sharon Allen, Staff, Building Services
Ryan Early, Staff, Mail Services
Catherine Adams, Staff, 2017
BethEnglish, Staff, WWS/LISD Project Director
The Rev’d Joseph Wolyniak, Staff, Office of Religious Life
Graham Stetler, Staff
Pankaj Chugh, Staff
Russell Weiss-Irwin, Worker, formerly of Campus Dining
Anonymous, Worker, Dining services
Christiana Augustine
Kurt Phillips, Worker
Rich Wilder, Worker, Facilities
Lorraine Dunn, Worker, Frist
Michael DiLisa, Worker, Campus Dining
Angela, Worker
Ellaree Gibbs, Worker, Building Services
Maria, Worker, Campus Dining
Michael Gibson, Worker
Erik Breza, Staff, Building Services
Nikitas Tampakis, Staff, Library

Yeou-Shiuh Hsu, Community Member
Rano Banerjee, Community Member
Carol Yin, Parent

Tyler Boyd-Meredith, Graduate, PhD candidate NEU
Austin Hounsel, Graduate, Ph.D. student COS
Caitlin Charos, Graduate
Samantha Adelberg, Graduate, MPA 2018
Eden Consenstein, Graduate
Riley Simmons-Edler, Graduate, COS PhD 3rd year
Elias Kleinbock, Graduate, COM G4
Hrishikesh Somayaji, Graduate, CHEM G2
Alyssa Wilson, Graduate, PhD NEU
Tamara Patton, Graduate, WWS
Yann Koby, Graduate, ECO G4
Veronica Carchedi, Graduate, PhD G1
Emma Thompson, Graduate, REG
Jamie Pelling, Graduate, NES
Felice Physioc, Graduate, HIS
Sebastien Philippe, Graduate
Will Mullaney, Graduate, G2 COM
Vivekananda Nemana, Graduate, SOC
Robert Decker, Graduate, G4 French and Italian
Sarah Reibstein, Graduate, SOC
Jon Catlin, Graduate, History G3
Brandon Hunter-Pazzara, Graduate, ANT 3rd year
EB Saldana, Graduate, ANT
Veronica Sousa, Graduate, ANT G2
Aleksandar Kostić, Graduate, ANT G2
Brian Kraus, Graduate, Plasma Physics G4
Ben Israeli, Graduate, Plasma Physics PhD G2
Mike Hepler, Graduate, MAE G5
Orlando Reade, Graduate, ENG
Colin Bradley, Graduate, PhD candidate PHI
Benjamin Fogarty, Graduate, ANT G7
Rebecca Faulkner, Graduate
Liora O'Donnell Goldensher, Graduate
Justin Poser, Graduate, PHI
Sarah Matherly, Graduate, HIS 2019
Sergio L. Cruz, Graduate, WWS 2018
Mari Castaldi, Graduate, MPA
Ian Walling, Graduate, Politics
Kathleen Emerson, Graduate, MAT G5
Celeste Marin, Graduate, Office of Population Research G5

Rebecca Ngu, Undergraduate, ENG 2020
Téa Wimer, Undergraduate, REL 2019
Alec Israeli, Undergraduate, 2021
Somi Jun, Undergraduate, COM 2020
Tessa Flanagan, Undergraduate, CEE 2021
Isaac Velasquez, Undergraduate, COS 2021
Jason Seavey, Undergraduate, 2021
Braden Flax, Undergraduate, 2021
Jonah Coe-Scharff, Undergraduate, ARC 2021
Sylvie Thode, Undergraduate, ENG 2020
Karen Wu, Undergraduate, ECO 2020
Peter Gatto, Undergraduate, 2018
Rasheeda Saka, Undergraduate, ENG 2020
Alma Huselja, Undergraduate, WWS 2019
Eliot Anderberg Callon, Undergraduate, 2021
Yousef Elzalabany, Undergraduate, 2020
Sofie Kim, Undergraduate, 2020
Lisa Sheridan, Undergraduate, EEB 2019
Lian Kirit Limperis, Undergraduate, 2019
Bobby Lussier, Undergraduate, 2019
Jana Sebaali, Undergraduate, EE 21
Fares Marayati, Undergraduate, PSY 2019
Nalanda Sharadjaya, Undergraduate, 2021
Sofía Briones, Undergraduate, 2021
Lucas Makinen, Undergraduate, 2020
Donovan Cassidy-Nolan, Undergraduate, 2021
Micah Herskind, Undergraduate, AAS 2019
Jaspreet Kalsi, Undergraduate, PHI 2020
Chase Lovgren, Undergraduate, 2021
Sara Anjum, Undergraduate, PHY 2019
Justin Wittekind, Undergraduate, 2021
Eli Berman, Undergraduate, MUS 2020
Austin Colorite, Undergraduate, 2021
Peter Schmidt, Undergraduate, 2020
Sarah Sanneh, Undergraduate, 2019
Nora Aguiar, Undergraduate, 2021
Emily Reinhold, Undergraduate, 2021
Anglory Morel Espinal, Undergraduate, EEB 2021
Mrudhula Baskaran, Undergraduate, 2019
Rafi Lehmann, Undergraduate, HIS 2020
Jovana Djokovic, Undergraduate, EE 2021
Kate Schassler, Undergraduate, 2021
Josue Chirinos, Undergraduate, MOL 2020
Seth Hatfield, Undergraduate, 2022
Kai Liu, Undergraduate, EAS 2019
Kyle Barnes, Undergraduate, 2021
Aisha Tahir, Undergraduate, 2021
Vayne Ong, Undergraduate, HIS 2020
Dina Kuttab, Undergraduate, 2021
David McElroy, Undergraduate, 2021
Edward Zhang, Undergraduate, 2019
Lutfah Subair, Undergraduate, 2021
Sharon Washio, Undergraduate, 2020
Stephen Chao, Undergraduate, 2019
Christina Im, Undergraduate, 2022
Andrew Tye, Undergraduate, 2021
Julia Yu, Undergraduate, 2019
Amanda Eisenhour, Undergraduate, 2021
Sam van der Jagt, Undergraduate, MAE
Angela Yang, Undergraduate, CBE 2021
Isabelle Kuziel, Undergraduate, 2021
Sage Palmedo, Undergraduate, 2019
Nina Grant, Undergraduate, 2021
Ian Iverson, Undergraduate, HIS 2018
Diana Chao, Undergraduate, 2021
Juan Sepulveda, Undergraduate, MAE 2018
Jaehwan Kim, Undergraduate, CHEM 2018
Sophie Li, Undergraduate, 2021
Lucy Kloeppel, Undergraduate, 2021
Brillian Bao, Undergraduate, POL 2020
Alaa Ghoneim, Undergraduate, NES 2020
Samantha Shapiro, Undergraduate, 2021
Majida Halaweh, Undergraduate, HIS 2019
Kelly Roache, Undergraduate, ‘12 GS ‘15 (WWS)
Karina Aguilar Guerrero, Undergraduate, 2020
Mary Anne Kent, Undergraduate, 2016
Sanjay Rao, Undergraduate, 2016
Kirsten Traudt, Undergraduate, 2020
Ashley Chang, Undergraduate, 2021
Austin Chang, Undergraduate, 2022
Patrick Dinh, Undergraduate, Spanish & Portuguese 2018
Melissa Benbow, Undergraduate, ENG 2013
Amna Amin, Undergraduate, 2021
Ben Edelman, Undergraduate, MAT 2018
Nico Cooper, Undergraduate, 2021
Ethan Kahn, Undergraduate, 2021
Rei Zhang, Undergraduate, 2021
Martin Kurian, Undergraduate, 2018
Masha Miura, Undergraduate, AAS 2021
Sophia Winograd, Undergraduate, 2021
Joshua Becker, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Hannah Chomiczewski, Undergraduate, ENG 2020
Ozichi Okorom, Undergraduate, AAS 2020
Jessica Saint-Ulysse, Undergraduate, ENG 2019
Jack Aiello, Undergraduate, 2021
Tiffany Lim, Undergraduate, 2021
Cole Diehl, Undergraduate, REL 2020
Emma Coley, Undergraduate, REL 2020
Timothy Tang, Undergraduate, ORFE 2020
Beatrice Ferguson, Undergraduate, 2021
Francisca Weirich-Freiberg, Undergraduate, 2021
Andrew Wu, Undergraduate, MOL 2021
Chuk Uzoegwu, Undergraduate, COS 2021
Maria Clara, Undergraduate, ELE 2020
Aamir Zainulabadeen, Undergraduate, COS 2018
Nathan Finkle, Undergraduate, 2021
Anna Wolcke, Undergraduate, 2020
Sam Bartusek, Undergraduate, GEO 2020
Miranda Bolef, Undergraduate, POL 2019
Irma Qavolli, Undergraduate, 2020
Zeina Mohamed, Undergraduate, 2021
Madeleine Dietrich, Undergraduate, 2020
Mateo Gilsilvetti, Undergraduate, EEB 2019
Amital Haas, Undergraduate, 2021
Katherine Powell, Undergraduate, AAS 2020
Annabelle Tseng, Undergraduate, French and Italian 2019
Nora, Undergraduate, HIS 2019
Michael Liapin, Undergraduate, NEU 2020
Tomi Lawal, Undergraduate, EEB 2020
Ananya Malhotra, Undergraduate, WWS 2020
Akash Kushwaha, Undergraduate, 2021
Jamie O’Leary, Undergraduate, 2019
Jazzmin McMyers, Undergraduate, 2021
Katherine Fleming, Undergraduate, HIS 2019
Colleen Heidorn, Undergraduate, 2020
Kalyn Nix, Undergraduate, 2021
Renee, Undergraduate, SOC 2019
Yael Marans, Undergraduate, 2021
Leila Ullmann, Undergraduate, 2021
Rod Eric Joseph, Undergraduate, COS 2020
Aaron Bargotta, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Preston Johnston, Undergraduate, 2021
Gabriel Gaitan, Undergraduate, 2019
Dominic Saunders, Undergraduate, MAE 2020
TJ Smith, Undergraduate, ENG 2020
Calvin Rusley, Undergraduate, 2020
Melanie Porras, Undergraduate, CEE 2021
Nicholas Callegari, Undergraduate, 2020
Jacob Sweetow, Undergraduate, POL 2020
David Kim, Undergraduate, 2020
Sarah Barnette, Undergraduate, HIS 2020
Alex Pirola, Undergraduate, MAE 2021
Kauribel Javier, Undergraduate, SOC 2019
Sam Dale, Undergraduate, MAE 2020
Changyan Wang, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Noam Miller, Undergraduate, 2021
Nicolas Ng, Undergraduate, MAE 2020
Alexandra Wilson, Undergraduate, MOL 2020
Connie Zhu, Undergraduate, 2019
Sadie Henderson, Undergraduate, 2020
Jessica Fan, Undergraduate, MAE 2020
Wenjuan Du, Undergraduate, 2020
Elizabeth Chittenden, Undergraduate, 2021
Jinn Park, Undergraduate, 2021
Sam Verney, Undergraduate, ENG 2018
Courtney Tseng, Undergraduate, 2021
Julia Walton, Undergraduate, 2021
Maggie Baughman, Undergraduate, 2021
MaryAnn Placheril, Undergraduate, 2021
Sarah Perkins, Undergraduate, MOL 2021
Eliana Cohen-Orth, Undergraduate, 2021
Paige Bentley, Undergraduate, 2021
Lucy Wang, Undergraduate, 2021
Charlotte Tausche, Undergraduate, CBE 2021
Bhavani Srinivas, Undergraduate, 2020
Heide Baron, Undergraduate, CHM 2020
Joe Bartusek, Undergraduate, 2021
Lauren McGrath, Undergraduate, 2021
Alya Ahmad, Undergraduate, 2021
Remy Reya, Undergraduate, 2021
Kayla Memis, Undergraduate, 2021
Jamie Mercurio, Undergraduate, COS 2020
An Lanh, Undergraduate, HIS 2020
Krystal Veras, Undergraduate, SOC 2020
June Philippe, Undergraduate, 2020
Bethwel Kiplimo, Undergraduate, 2021
Maximo De La Cruz, Undergraduate, 2021
Norman Xiong, Undergraduate, ECO 2020
Chisom Chigozie-Nwosu, Undergraduate, 2020
Madalyn Damato, Undergraduate, 2021
Larry Loprete, Undergraduate, 2019
Esther Choi, Undergraduate, 2021
María Rojas, Undergraduate, ECO 2019
Abby Hack, Undergraduate, ART 2020
Veronica Carrasco, Undergraduate, NEU 2020
Danielle Stephenson, Undergraduate, 2020
Kendra Dombroski, Undergraduate, 2020
Sophie Steinman-Gordon, Undergraduate, POL 2020
Joaquin Garcia, Undergraduate, 2019
William Grear, Undergraduate, POL 2020
Caleb Visser, Undergraduate, POL 2020
Darina Kamikazi, Undergraduate, 2021 (dining hall student worker)
Niroshan Anandasivam, Undergraduate, CBE 2020
David Lopera, Undergraduate, 2019
David Friedman, Undergraduate, WWS 2020
Wendy Ho, Undergraduate, 2021
Danielle Isakov, Undergraduate, MOL 2019
Imane Mabrouk, Undergraduate, 2021
Jessica Nyquist, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Toni Xu, Undergraduate, 2020
Matt Parodi, Undergraduate, POL 2019
Nathan Poland, Undergraduate, 2020
Erin Boateng, Undergraduate, 2020
Menelik Graham, Undergraduate, 2020
Daniel Benitez, Undergraduate, 2021
Abigail Rettew, Undergraduate, COS 2020
Clare Martin, Undergraduate, CBE 2021
Daniella Gonzalez, Undergraduate, 2021
Angelly Garcia, Undergraduate, 2021
Kimora Kong, Undergraduate, 2021
Mikal Walcott, Undergraduate, WWS 2019
Ethan Thai, Undergraduate, 2021
Grace Baylis, Undergraduate, 2020
Belinda Azamati, Undergraduate, POL 2019
Daniel José Navarrete, Undergraduate, EEB 2019
Emiri Morita, Undergraduate, 2021
Alexa Underwood, Undergraduate, 2021
Jenny Kim, Undergraduate, 2020
Ben Clarke, Undergraduate, 2020
Emma Louden, Undergraduate, 2020
Nahbonil Kar, Undergraduate, ORFE 2020
Rachel Pyfrom, Undergraduate, WWS 2019
Victoria Pan, Undergraduate, 2021
Chris Umanzor, Undergraduate, 2019
Kiley Coates, Undergraduate, GEO 2020
Aman Andemichael, Undergraduate
Will Steidl, Undergraduate, 2020
Virginia Murphy, Undergraduate, 2021
Jenny Kaufmann, Undergraduate, MAT 2019
Annie Carroll, Undergraduate, PHY 2021
Sabrina Sequeira, Undergraduate, 2021
Larissa Oliveira, Undergraduate, 2021
Atarah McCoy, Undergraduate
Astrid Garay, Undergraduate, 2019
Sebastian Witherspoon, Undergraduate, PHI 2019
Thea Zalabak, Undergraduate, 2021
Megan Ostrowski, Undergraduate, 2020
Apria Pinkett, Undergraduate, 2018
Liana Cohen, Undergraduate, ENG 2020
Yolore, Undergraduate, 2021
Natalie Stein, Undergraduate, 2021
Grace Grady, Undergraduate, PSY 2020
Nicholas Nelsonwood, Undergraduate, MAE 2019
Anna Macknick, Undergraduate, 2021
Rachel Kasdin, Undergraduate, SOC 2020
Melita Piercy, Undergraduate, NES 2020
Maria Malik, Undergraduate, EEB 2019
Julia Harisay, Undergraduate, 2021
Christian Venturella, Undergraduate, CHM 2021
Sarah Betancourt, Undergraduate, French and Italian 2020
Rushy Panchal, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Beimnet Shitaye, Undergraduate, MAE 2020
Grace Hong, Undergraduate, 2021
Lucas Makinen, Undergraduate, PHY 2020
Madeleine Cheyette, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Eunice Kim, Undergraduate, EAS 2020
Jan Domingo Alsina, Undergraduate, PHI 2020
Yujin Yamahara, Undergraduate, 2021
Lauren Auyeung, Undergraduate, ARC 2019
Rae Perez, Undergraduate, ARC 2019
Ilene E, Undergraduate, 2021
Andrew Spencer, Undergraduate, COS 2020
E Jeremijenko-Conley, Undergraduate, ANT 2020
Bruno Fernandes, Undergraduate, COS 2020
Brandon S. Dunlevy, Undergraduate, 2021
Caoimhe Boyle, Undergraduate, 2021
Bruno Schaffa, Undergraduate, HIS 2019
Joshua Judd Porter, Undergraduate, 2021
Andy Zheng, Undergraduate, WWS 2020
Ruben Dicker, Undergraduate, 2020
Adalberto Rosado, Undergraduate, SOC 2019
Ricki Heicklen, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Alexander Bechtold, Undergraduate, CBE 2020
Fey Popoola, Undergraduate, LIN 2020
David Exumé, Undergraduate, SOC 2019
Emerson Thomas, Undergraduate, 2020
Angelika Morris, Undergraduate, NEU 2021
Amy Amatya, Undergraduate, 2021
Akiva Jackson, Undergraduate, COM 2020
Ramzie Fathy, Undergraduate, WWS 2020
Katie Zhou, Undergraduate, ECO 2020
Pranav Rekapalli, Undergraduate, MOL 2020
Kaveh Badrei, Undergraduate, WWS 2020
Christian Bischoff, Undergraduate, HIS 2019
Audrey Davis, Undergraduate, 2020
Janette Lu, Undergraduate, WWS 2020
Beni Snow, Undergraduate, MAE 2019
Vidur Beharry, Undergraduate, PHI 2020
Kayli Marshall, Undergraduate, EEB 2019
Dan Sturm, Undergraduate, 2019
Hanna Szabo, Undergraduate, 2021
Michael Milam, Undergraduate, PHY 2020
Hamza Hashem, Undergraduate, 2021
Cy Watsky, Undergraduate, 2021
Fumika Mizuno, Undergraduate, 2021
Jessica Gaytan, Undergraduate, 2021
Patricia Chen, Undergraduate, NEU 2020
Robert, Undergraduate, COS 2020
Vivian Ufongene, Undergraduate, MOL 2020
Gabriella Pereira Feron, Undergraduate, CHM 2019
Ruth Schultz, Undergraduate, 2022
Nicolette D'Angelo, Undergraduate, CLA 2019
Max McGougan, Undergraduate, 2021
Sarah Pacilio, Undergraduate, POL 2019
Matt Wang, Undergraduate, ELE 2019
Jhor van der Horst, Undergraduate, ART 2020
Debopriyo Biswas, Undergraduate, PHY 2019
Ishanya Anthapur, Undergraduate, EEB 2020
Madeleine Le Cesne, Undergraduate, ANT 2019
Cecily Polonsky, Undergraduate, COM 2019
Alex Santos, Undergraduate, PSY 2018
Charles Copeland, Undergraduate, GEO 2019
Naomi Fesseha, Undergraduate, POL 2019
Chris Popham, Undergraduate, 2021
Celia Buchband, Undergraduate, 2022
Celia Aranda Reina, Undergraduate, CEE 2021
Jasper Gebhardt, Undergraduate, MAE 2020
Benjamin Huang, Undergraduate, COS 2020
Helen Wang, Undergraduate
Madison Schwab, Undergraduate, 2021
Alice Lin, Undergraduate, MAT 2020
Chloe Horner, Undergraduate, 2022
Chris Gliwa, Undergraduate, CBE 2021
Harshini Abbaraju, Undergraduate, 2022
Jose Pablo Fernandez Garcia, Undergraduate, 2022
Mansi Totwani, Undergraduate, 2022
Meaghan Attard, Undergraduate, 2019
Ann Webb, Undergraduate, 2022
Diego Ayala-McCormick, Undergraduate, 2022
Leonardo Matias Espinoza Zuniga, Undergraduate, Engineering 2022
Lloyd Feng, Undergraduate, ART 2019
Karen Zhang, Undergraduate, COS and teacher prep 2019
Zoya Shoaib, Undergraduate, 2020
Thomas Graul, Undergraduate, 2021
Benjamin Chan, Undergraduate, 2022
Mayee Chen, Undergraduate, ORFE 2019
Julia Ruddy, Undergraduate, EE 2019
Caroline Castleman, Undergraduate, HIS 2020
Chelsie Alexandre, Undergraduate, POL 2020
Cara Giovanetti, Undergraduate, PHY 2020
Annie Song, Undergraduate, 2021
Nick Chen, Undergraduate, MAE 2020
Noah Moss, Undergraduate, COS 2019
Danny Pinto, Undergraduate, GER 2020
Luke Shaw, Undergraduate, PHY 2019
Angie Sheehan, Undergraduate, 2022
Mohammed Elzubeir, Undergraduate, 2022
Kiara "KiKi" Gilbert, Undergraduate, Philosophy 2021
Chaya Holch, Undergraduate, 2022
Eric Muthondu, Undergraduate, WWS 2022
Matthew Wang, Undergraduate, MUS 2019
Rosamond van Wingerden, Undergraduate, COM 2020
Ben Lowe, Undergraduate, MAT 2022
Nicole Williams, Undergraduate, 2022
Risa Gelles-Watnick, Undergraduate, 2021

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