Olive + Oak Application
We are always accepting applications from creative folks looking to put their skills to work - this is a seasonal position with potential for long-term. 

The ideal candidate will embrace:

-Flexibility of daily tasks (some days may be painting or bow making - others may be tidying up the shop or workshop preparation) During this season many days will be mostly cashier work.

-A culture of creativity - this is NOT your normal 9-5 kinda job, we do a lot of trial and error, a lot of try-something-new. If making things and creative concepts aren't your jam, that's ok but this also isn't the job for you.

-Our customers - we strive to have a warm, welcoming shop and that means having an upbeat and outgoing attitude!

Other Job Notes:
-Must be 18+
-Provide own transportation
-Prior experience crafting/painting preferred, but not required
-This seasonal position will run Nov-Dec with potential for long term

Work Hours for this position are as follows:
Wednesday 11-5
Thursday 11-5
Friday 11-5
Saturday 10-3

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Work Hours for this position are as follows:
Wednesday 11-5
Thursday 11-5
Friday 11-5
Saturday 10-3
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