Content creator application form
This form is for you to apply to become a content creator (e.g streamer, YouTuber) on our server and get the content creator rank.
- regular uploads
- minimum of 1 subscriber
- minimum of 10 views
Minecraft username *
Channel/ link *
Subscriber count *
Have you made any videos on an SMP before? *
What is your best video? (link) *
What is your upload schedule? *
When did you start making videos? *
How many views do you get (on average)? *
Do you think that making videos on ComsterCraft may get more members to join? *
How often can you make videos on ComsterCraft? *
Do you have a mic and use it in your videos? *
How do you think you can help ComsterCraft? *
Why do you want to be a content creator on ComsterCraft? *
Do you understand that if you ask any staff member about your application, you will be instantly denied? *
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