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Welcome to StageOne DramaWorks Academy
We're so glad that you are joining us for an excursion into the exciting world of drama. Please review the handbook for expectations and information regarding our camps/classes. Being familiar with these policies will help to ensure that programs run safely and smoothly and that you have a great experience. If you have any questions or concerns, either about the handbook or about our camps at any time during the summer, please feel free to contact me. I will do my best to find an answer or solution for you. We have an exciting summer ahead – I hope you are ready to get into the act!

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Purpose: DramaWorks classes encourage students of all ages to explore and practice the fundamentals – and the fun- of drama. StageOne Family Theatre’s professional artists/educators provide active ways to encourage imaginative thinking, effective communication and positive collaboration. Students learn to dramatically use their voices, bodies, and imaginations to gain a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Students gain self-confidence and poise in an atmosphere of fun and laughter.

Philosophy: Our instruction focuses on the PROCESS of exploring and creating drama rather than the PRODUCT. With the exception of two- and three-week performance camps (rights pending), our DramaWorks classes do not culminate in a production. However, we do set aside the last day of most programs for students to share with family and friends some of what they have learned in the class. This is not a rehearsed performance, but rather a demonstration of the creative process in which they have participated.

StageOne Family Theatre Administrative Office:
315 W. Market St 2S
Louisville, KY 40202

All summer DramaWorks camps are located at Lincoln Performing Arts Elementary, located at 930 E Main Street, Louisville, KY 40206. Summer DramaWorks camps are in the performing arts wing, south of the main school building.
Payment Policy and Discounts
Payment: Full payment is required two-weeks from the start of camp in order to secure your space in a class. Payment plans are available with 50% paid at the time of reservation and the balance paid two-weeks from the start of camp. Returned checks will be charged a $25 fee plus tuition and your reservation will be forfeited until payment is received.

Refunds/Cancellations: If you cancel your paid registration at least one week before the first day of class, we will refund your tuition less a $25 fee. If you cancel less than one week before the class begins, no refund will be given. We want all our students to be satisfied with their DramaWorks experience. If you attend the first day of class and decide not to return, we will refund your tuition less the $25 registration fee. You must call our office before the second day of class in order to receive your refund. After the second day, no refunds will be given.

Family Discount: Receive a 10% discount on all classes when two or more siblings register at the same time. One discount per family.
Absences & Tardiness
Please notify StageOne Family Theatre if a student will be tardy or absent on a given day. If a student is absent at the beginning of class and we have not been notified, we will call the parents to check on the student. Because each class day builds on skills and activities from previous days, students who miss class may not receive the full benefit of participation. Please make every effort to ensure that your child attends every class session. Excessive tardiness/absences may require the student to be dismissed from the class.
In the event of a student medical emergency, we will contact the parents immediately (if unavailable, the emergency contact listed on the health permission form). If no contact is available, we will seek appropriate treatment if the health permission form has been signed.
Drop Off, Pick Up, Parent Meeting
Drop-Off & Pick-Up: Lincoln Performing Arts Elementary Performing Arts Wing
The DramaWorks camp entrance is off of the school parking lot, located between Main St. and Market St. (For security reasons, the door on Wenzel will not be open.)

Morning drop off will run from 8:45am-9:00am. Please do not drop off any earlier than 8:45am. On the first day of your child’s camp, please park in the parking lot and walk your child(ren) in the building. After the first day of camp, parents can use the carpool line for AM drop off. Enter carpool from Market Street along the curb of the parking lot facing Main Street in a single file line, StageOne staff will greet each vehicle. Parents are always welcome to walk their child(ren) in each day if they feel more comfortable. After 9:00am students must be walked in.

Afternoon pick up is at 4:00pm, unless your child(ren) are signed up for extended care. Parents must park in the parking lot and enter the building every day to sign out your camper. Student drivers may sign themselves out if we have a completed student driver form on file. If multiple people will be picking up your student, please fill out the approved pick-up sheet and bring it on the first day of camp.

EXTENDED CARE: StageOne extended care is from 4:00pm-5:00pm to allow for extra pick up time. If you need to add this to your reservation, please call our office at (502) 498.2436. Cost is $50 per week per child.

Parent Meeting
On the first day of class, parents are welcome to stay for the first 5 minutes of camp to attend a parent meeting lead by the camp instructor. Staying is not mandatory but helpful as StageOne instructors will share important information about the upcoming days of camp, and address any questions or concerns.
Individual Accommodations
StageOne Family Theatre endeavors to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all students. Parents are encouraged to provide complete information regarding individual student accommodations on the health form in this handbook. If necessary, StageOne instructors will contact your family to discuss reasonable and respectful accommodations.
What to Bring / What not to Bring
Please wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily and don't mind getting a little bit dirty. Please wear close-toed, rubber-soled shoes such as sneakers or tennis shoes. If necessary, please wear your hair up or back so that it is out of your face. For our 4-5 year old campers, please send a full change of clothing in their bags in the event of an accident or a need for fresh shirts/pants.

Snack, Drinks, Lunch and Breaks
Students will need to bring a sack lunch and drink with them each day. Lunch is from 12:00pm-1:00pm. We do not have access to a refrigerator/microwave so plan accordingly. We will also take an AM and PM snack break, so please pack a few additional snacks for your child. We are a completely NUT FREE campus so please DO NOT pack food with peanuts or tree nuts (please check labels to ensure we are keeping our students safe.)

Personal Property
StageOne Family Theatre staff cannot be responsible for the security of any personal property. Please leave valuables at home.
Final Sharing Day
DramaWorks classes are process-oriented and don't always culminate in a performance. However, we designate the last 30 minutes of the final day of each 1-week camp as a “sharing” day to demonstrate what they have learned in class. Students may invite family and friends to share and celebrate! Final Share instructions will be shared with parents during your child’s camp week.
Behavior Policy
We expect that DramaWorks Academy students will be on time and ready to participate when class begins. Students will listen, focus, and follow directions as instructed. Students will be considerate and respectful to classmates and instructors.

If a discipline problem occurs, the student will receive a warning. With a reoccurrence, the student will be asked to take a “break” for a period of time judged appropriate by the instructor.

If student behavior becomes disruptive to the rest of the class, the student will be asked to step out of the activity or step outside of the classroom (accompanied by an instructor or teaching assistant) until the problem is resolved. If the disruption continues throughout the class or over several class periods, the instructor will contact the parent. If the behavior does not improve following the parent conference, the student will be asked to leave the class for the remainder of the session. Any student leaving the program due to disruptive/harmful behavior will not receive a tuition refund.

The following behaviors are not acceptable and are grounds for immediate dismissal from class:
-verbally or physically bullying, harassing, threatening, or fighting with another student or instructor.
-bringing any kind of weapon, alcohol, tobacco, or drugs (other than those prescribed for the student) to the classroom.
I have read and understand StageOne Family Theatre’s handbook and policies. I agree to positively contribute to my own and others’ DramaWorks experience at all times.

By completing the student and parent information below, you are agreeing to our handbook and policies.
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