2A/4A Competition--Adult Volunteer Sign up
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Click the applicable area to indicate if you are able to volunteer. You ARE expected to sign up for more than one shift and are encouraged to sign up for as many shifts/positions as possible.
Click the Submit button to send your submissions to the Spring Valley Band volunteer coordinators.
Front Gate Tickets: Sell admission tickets in the ticket booth at the front gate of the stadium.
Food Tickets: Sell food tickets for our guests to redeem at the concession stand and food vendor trucks.
Concessions: Work in one of two concession stand booths selling items. May be asked to assist in grilling burgers and hot dogs.
Drink Sales: Work in one of two drink stand booths selling soda and water.
T-Shirt Sales: Work in a booth selling 2A/4A Souvenir T-Shirts.
Water Stations: Set-up and man the various water stations that provide water breaks for the competing band members and staff.
Traffic and Parking: Assist our visiting bands and guests with parking locations and parking of equipment trucks and buses.
Usher Captain: Guide visitors into the stands and make sure that guests are not walking in and out during performances. Monitor the handicapped seating area.
Logistics: Be a "Jack of All Trades" - set up, clean up, and various needed odd jobs, deliveries, and the occasional errand for supplies.
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